09 September 2011

POLITICO: "Obama Pivots to Jobs
-and DARES GOP to Follow"

Say WHAT...?

America's African-American community
(16.7% unemployment)
reacts to the president's speech

'Follow' where, pray tell... a shining path towards the workers' paradise Barry dreamt-up between those way-too-many 
(Reagan era) bong hits in Hawaii?  No thanks.

After a dubious debate performance as (attack dog) "moderator" at the Reagan Library on Wednesday night, looks like Editor John F. Harris has got the Politico spin-machine humming right along, doing what it can to prop-up the most radical, incompetent,
and damaging president in US history... that's some headline.

But why would anyone else need to listen to a discredited economic screw-up like Barack Obama... an arrogant fool who blew almost a trillion dollars or our money (more than the entire Iraq War!) on so-called economic "stimulus" that promised to keep unemployment below 8%... if we'd only fork over the money to him and his ossified gun moll Pelosi. Hey, isn't that fraud?
And now he wants more, of course.

At this point, Obama pledging to 'create jobs' is like me promising to whip-up a batch of Plutonium in my kitchen

With no ability -nor in his case credibility- who cares what Obama says. And what an eye-watering bore, are there still people who can actually stomach that insincere, condescending voice and faux-preacher tone anymore? -not anybody I know. 

Unless he wants to step-up and cancel ObamaCare, there's surely nothing worth hearing from this job-icidal maniac...
all you get these days is formulated, poll-driven jive geared towards saving face in 2012 anyway. 


Note that Obama has been chanting "jobs are my #1 concern" for over two years- but somehow a focus on jobs is a 'pivot', now-- huh?

It's not difficult to imagine what the proposals might entail... more blank-check spending ($300B this time) and another panel of unqualified lackeys to chew the fat about it, in all likelihood.

That's why I played Yahtzee instead... something to sharpen the mind, rather than The One's ceaseless droning, which not only drones on-and-on endlessly but -as we saw in 2008- can turn most anyone's head to mush.

One line Obama used last night was 
"These (economic) problems where made by man"

To which gifted professional snarkist Dick Morris 
quipped " You da man! "...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Obama, You Da Man!

Randy-g said...

He is "focused like a laser" again...Idiot.

Reaganite Republican said...

Lucky us lol

Anonymous said...

But Obama HAS been Very focused on jobs - for illegal immigrants, his political supporters (even up to taking out their competition - see Gibson-) and the Chinese!! Also focused on Selling "jobs" to the poor folk who still believe him!

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