08 September 2011

What Was The Reagan Library Thinking, Bringing-In Duplicitous Obama Administration Shills as 'Moderators'?

No principled people available for these things?

Who's idea was it to have Obammunist hacks like Brian Williams and Politico editor John F. Harris running a Republican primary debate, anyway?  Ron Reagan Jr?

These unblushing Administration enabler-apologists shouldn't even be allowed to set foot on those hallowed grounds- rather a photo should be tacked-up in the security guards' booth right at the main gate...

How can it be nobody in the GOP would put the kaibosh on allowing such unabashed Obama cheerleaders to manipulate our side of the primary contests... firing unscreened 'gotcha' questions (before a national TV audience) point-blank from the safety of a 99% Republican-free mortar pit at the foot of the stage!

Do you think the DNC would be 'cool' with Sean Hannity and Glenn Reynolds as moderators?

Well- I'm not much of a Newt fan, but he wasn't going for any of that last night-- Gingrich knows the game with the MSM, and you've got to give him credit for stuffing the ball back in John Harris' face (while making a call for GOP unity vs.ongoing media disinformation campaigns)...

As for scoring the debate, most seem to have expected Perry to slightly solidify his lead in the wake of his debate debut, absent any major gaffes- for the most part, that's what happened. More on him, the others, and the evening's BIG loser -here-

Stacy McCain offers a succinct blow-by-blow/assessment of last night's multilateral disputations -here-

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