10 October 2011

And You Thought You Knew How to Party . . .

30-liter Ace of Spades "Midas" champagne

Seems the Boston Bruins had some steam to blow-off following their conquest of the Stanley Cup earlier this year... reportedly the main rave at the Bay-area Shrine nightclub went on for days. 

Fill a bar with fired-up Czechs, Russians, and Canadians and what else to expect, these people can drink lol. But just to put a number to the intensity of that festiveness, see the Bruins'  bar bill attached below: keep in mind this was merely the first four hours after the team's victorious return to Beantown, looks like they cleaned-off the whole top shelf:

-click to enlarge-

$156,679.74 !

Note $100,000 (!) for the 30-liter bottle of "Midas" champagne 
(only six in exitistence- five now) and tip of $24,869 for lucky server "Danielle" and friends...

When all was said and done, the Black and Gold racked up a four-hour bar tab that totaled $156,679.74... The state of Connecticut took in nearly $7,500 in taxes on the night as well.

Shrine owners Ed Kane, Joe Kane, and Randy Greenstein hand-delivered the 30-liter "Midas" bottle, which is one of six in existence. The bottle was double the size of the 15-liter Ace of Spades brut that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban purchased for his team after its NBA championship a week ago.

Some other highlights on the Bruins tab from Shrine included 35 Jager Bombs totalling $525, 3 bottles of Captain Morgan at $300 each, 9 bottles of Goose MG at $600 a pop, 136 Bud Lights... and in case anyone was dehydrated, 67 bottles of Fiji water totaling $268...

What the hell... they earned it.

Boston.com   h/t Speedunque