22 October 2011

Rebels Displaying Trophy Corpses of Gaddafis they Just Executed in Captivity . . .

What's up next, string 'em from a bridge?

Sydney Morning Herald

They were screaming "Allahu Akbar" when they finished him offjust like Al Qaeda does it, how bout that. 
Gaddafi executed in captivity, xxx libya UN ICC, war crime
While we still do not know who the rebels we just boosted to power actually are (yet plenty of reason to suspect the worst-
i.e. packed with AQ and Muslim Brotherhood types), 
hey, we're about to find out. 

Alas, so far-so bad, as they're already committing war crimes, up to and including summary executions... which appears to be just what happened to ole Muammar and out-of-luck son Mutassim. The UN and ICC suspect as much, as both were shown alive on film in captivity, only to die of multiple gunshot wounds soon afterward whilst the country's new NTC 'leadership' releases myriad bullshit accounts of what actually happened. Already there are calls for an investigation before Clown Boy swims with the fishes.

The Mirror

Yet while they don't mind shooting prisoners, the rag-tag rebel force is no army- they didn't have to be with NATO warplanes taking it to the regime while they swept-in afterwards and shot anything still moving... which is precisely what happened in the capture and subsequent illegal  murder of Muammar Gaddafi. 

What is Obama planning to do when they start lining up 'collaborators' against the wall over there? How many 
Blue helmets is the UN going to be willing to send in with the place swimming in guns?

Sydney Morning Herald

Instead of bringing desperately needed security in the wake of the regime's collapse -even if they were able- the masses of armed, now experienced and adrenalin-fueled men currently roaming the country sporting ammo belts like Rambo will likely stress along the same tribal/clan/ethnic lines that are about bring chaos to most of Libya.  And not only does the rebel 'army' not have the capability to control the country, the only thing unifying these men -hatred of the Gaddafi regime- is gone, so now it's back to 'me, mine, and the tribe'... just watch.

Update: Now an Libyan NTC member is saying an investigation's needed.

What some others are saying out there... 
Gaddafi executed in captivity
Weasel Zippers: 'Rush: Is this what democracy 
looks like?' -here-

The Daily Mail says Gaddafi's favored son and onetime heir-apparent Saif al-Islam is fleeing across the desert after an RAF raid "blew both his arms off"... his fate and that of the residual Gaddafi clan -here-

Pundit Press finds the Russians (who know a thing or two about illegal deaths) already calling Gaddafi's death "illegal" -here-
Gaddafi body photo, Gaddafi corpse photo


Mark Adams said...

I have been saying this since the beginning of the uprising in Libya, who are these people and do we really want to show any support (meaning NATO). Could they be unleashing (with fire cover) some group that will be far more worse?
It appears by the rebels action in handling it in this manner, this group will be more worse.

Reaganite Republican said...

How about the NTC PM Jibril LYING and saying Gaddafi was "killed in a x-fire" while in reality he was executed in front of a baying mob recording it on their cellphones!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Please, please ... let's be kind. These are Obama's people.

Trestin said...

Why is it okay to parade his body, but they can't even show us photos of Osama?

Reaganite Republican said...

Good question!

John Carey said...

Yep, these are the sharks we have decided to swim with. When will we learn...

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

RR, I tried to comment earlier and was hit by lightening - or at least my computer was taken off line. That Daily Mail article about Saif is something. I initially heard he was captured...again. Thanks for linking!

Anonymous said...

This is no different then George W. Bush going into Iraq and killing Saddam Hussein.

What makes this okay is that oh my gosh this guy was evil...../eye roll here.......and it was NATO's idea.../eye roll here.

and of course it was Barak Obama who said lets start another war........Not the Cowboy GWB.

And the MAIN STREAM MEDIA SHOUTED AMENE!!!!!!!praise Obama.

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