10 November 2011

And You Thought the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal Couldn't Get Any Worse!

Jerry Sandusky: the flags were there all along

The list of enablers seems to grow by the minute... the beloved JoePa may now even face charges himself for not reporting Sandusky.  Then there's the crimes themselves: suffice to say, the kind that get you killed the first week in prison. What an unmitigated nightmare for sleepy State College, Pa, the entire NCAA, and above all the victims. 

But the sad fact it that this case could get a whole lot uglier...

Obviously there's more questions than answers at this point: like how the wife, family, and Penn State associates of Jerry Sandusky all justified covering for such hideous crimes. About the only ones not asking these things might be the mob of morally-retarded Penn State fans who actually rioted over the firing of Paterno yesterday. 

But recall that the OSU Buckeyes lost Jim Tressel earlier this year because he covered for players selling a couple jerseys… what did they possibly expect at Penn State, then. Paterno had plenty of warnings, and somehow just didn’t do the right thing. Get over it, Penn State fans- a luxury the victims -who may number as many as 17- will probably never enjoy.

What now?

One thing people are talking about today is how the initial 1998 investigation into the vile predatory habits of Jerry Sandusky went nowhere. All of us -along with his subsequent targets- are left wondering why nothing ever happened when there'd been firsthand witnesses and even a direct admission.

Thirteen years ago when Centre Country DA Ray Gricar was working the case against Sandusky, he quite mysteriously failed to ever bring charges, despite the wealth of evidence...  but it doesn't look like anybody's going to get to ask him about it, except for St Peter maybe:

Ray Gricar, the Centre County DA at the time of the 1998 investigation into Victim 6's allegations, has been missing since 2005 and was declared legally dead in July of this year. 

We may never know why Gricar did not press charges against Sandusky, despite Sandusky's admissions—per the grand jury report—that he had showered naked with the boy and hugged him. 

Ray Gricar (Deadspin)

The hard drive from Gricar's computer turned up on the banks of the Susquehanna River six months after his disappearance, according to this story Ganim wrote three years ago, when she was still at the State College, Pa.-based Centre County Daily Times. Whatever was on that hard drive will forever be the subject of speculation now...

Gricar just as mysteriously went missing after telling his girlfriend he was to go for a day off drive in the park... the DA was never seen nor heard from again. His red Mini Cooper was found soon afterward, cellphone still on the seat. Ray Gricar

Investigators said internet searches conducted from Ray Gricar's house on that day he vanished in 2005 include "how to wreck a hard drive" and "water damage to notebook computer", among other things. Three months after Gricar's disappearance, his government-issued notebook was found by a fisherman, sans hard drive. Three months after that, that heavily damaged hard drive was found along the same river's banks. The tough Gricar had just busted a major heroin ring, and was at the crest of his career- why on Earth would he be afraid to go after a child molester?

Recall a few years back, where they busted that Belgian child-sex ring... one that not only swapped playthings amongst themselves -often their own children- but enforced the security of the operation with violent, mafia-style manipulation and even vengeance killings?

Seems this case is beginning to acquire a similar stench... Sandusky certainly had his helpers, and now perhaps we'll be finding out who all they were, as well as just how far they were willing to go to protect the oh-so-very sick and dangerous Jerry Sandusky.


Randy-g said...

This whole deal at Penn State sickens me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sandusky will be talking now that he faces something like a 100 years in prison. People like him always go after the vulnerable, messed up kids. That's why he set up his organization, to bring forth an endless stream of them. Was he providing them to others??? Maybe to the DA? Perhaps that is why he was so brazen in his activities.

Anyway, Jerry will be hearing plenty of "rhythmic slapping" in the very near future.

Reaganite Republican said...

I read somewhere today there's a rumor he supplied boys to major donors of his "2nd Mile" organization for wayward youth

With the DA disappearing... we may just be scratching the surface at this point, lotta smoke

Laszlo said...


Just read that.
Wow, so maybe that DA isn't dead.
And Joe Paterno...hmmm

Reaganite Republican said...

Good Lord

Reaganite Republican said...

PS Laszlo

The thing that also makes it possible the DA is still alive but just dropped off the grid is the web searches conducted at his home in the hours preceding his disappearance

Laszlo said...

I'm not easy to shock, but this is getting sickening.
Found his little destroyed hard drive, but couldn't find him?

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

He has 5 or 6 adopted children and a host of foster children in his past. He took them to his home. He must never set foot on the street again, but the man is out on bail?

So these big donors would donors to the school? If so, no wonder no one talked. The money was more important.

Kevin said...

I think it's a reach to attach the two stories. Do we even know for a fact that Gricar had knowledge of any attacks? The moral component of this tragedy is that no one contacted the proper local authorities like Gricar. If you can't retrieve the hard drive info how do we know what was on it? Is there any evidence that Gricar had knowledge?

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Kevin, Gricar investigated Sandusky with the Mother of one of Sandusky's victims. That victim was not raped, but certainly inappropriate behavior happened, and Sandusky admitted it to the Mother. He disappeared in 2005 and there were other allegations in the three years before. What else was in Gricar's file on Sandusky (if anything) has not been revealed.

James linked at my place in a new post on Gricar. I think the Amish disappeared him :-)

Reaganite Republican said...

Right Magggie, it is insane this guy is out on bail... did they take his passport?

And Kevin, no stretch, I don't think you read the post.

There was even Grand Jury testimony Sandusky admitted to the mother and begged for forgiveness-

Gricar was working the case, and was about to retire. He indeed knew PLENTY enough to put Sandusky (and others) away 13 yrs ago... but somebody sure didn't want that laptop going on to the incoming DA, that's for sure

Matt said...

I think you might be on to something RR. I get the sense that there is a lot more to reveal here. We only know a little.

Reaganite Republican said...

I wonder what they could possibly offer Sandusky to get him to talk, tho- the public would never tolerate parole or anything, not even in 15-20 yrs from now I would think

Anonymous said...

Also it is NOT a crime to NOT report child abuse in PA.

Hence JOE Paterno will not face any criminal charges and in fact he did report it to the very people now accused of covering it up.

However Joe Paterno will probably be sued and lose everything he spent a lifetime building because of the actions of others.

Based upon what is known now Joe Paterno is a guilty of bad judgement that will most likely crush a lifetime of achievement.

This whole affair is just horrendous and somehow I think we've only seen just the beginning of something that might end up in places that we would never imagine.

Reaganite Republican said...

Yeah, I heard one report say Paterno fulfilled his legal duty by going to the Univ. president with it, but then another said the DA 'hadn't decided' if she'd be going after Paterno, so I'm not sure he's in the clear legally yet

Then of course the lawsuits will be coming, as you note

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