09 November 2011

Federal Government Agencies
You Won't Believe Even Exist . . .

Commission on Security Cooperation in Europe (CSCE): 
Also known as the Helsinki Commission, their job is to monitor European compliance with the Helsinki Final Act, which served to dilute Cold War tensions. Maybe somebody needs to tell them that the USSR ceased to exist over 20 years ago... and that Obama's already abandoned Eastern Europe to current Russian regime anyway.

Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC): 
Visitors to the FCIC website can find useful info on topics ranging from how to purchase a new car to how to save $ for college... and all the same as you can find on zillions of more attractive, user-friendly websites readily provided by the free market... remember that?

They also publish guides online/pamphlets relating to available government services. All of this info is sourced directly from other overlapping taxpayer-funded government websites i.e. USA.gov and/or the site for those federal agencies themselves... wasteful duplication that nobody really needs, and so typical of Big Government.

This one's a gem: FICMNEW "represents an unprecedented formal partnership between 16 federal agencies with direct invasive plant management and regulatory responsibilities spanning across the United States and territories"-

So they make sure everybody's spraying the poison ivy... sounds good, but do we really need a federal government agency to represent a simple partnership between already-existing agencies? Hey, I'm allergic to bureaucrats- maybe they should get off their fat duff, run out in a field... and spray themselves.

Japan-United States Friendship Commission (JUSFC): 
The JUSFC receives "no funds from the general revenues from the U.S. budget," and survives on the Japanese government-funded interest earnings of the Japan-United States Friendship Trust Fund. 

That's refreshing fiscally, yet some (connected) pencil-pushing schlubb has been set up real nice with a comfy non-job, as the war with Japan was concluded 65 years ago- and today they're one of our closest allies. 

The stated mission is to provide "support for training and information to help prepare Americans to better meet the challenges and opportunities in the U.S.-Japan relationship," by issuing grants to private institutions. 

So is that Toyota dealers then, or...?

Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries (JBEA): 
Well, actuaries are needed surely, esp. those tasked with handling pension plans. The JBEA licenses such individuals, ensuring they "fulfill certain knowledge and experience requirements, which are set forth in the Joint Board Regulations." 

But what this board consists of is three members appointed by the Secretary of Treasury and two appointed by the Secretary of Labor... and you can bet that today all five are hard-wired 'progressive' robots hand-selected by Solis and TTT

Shouldn't there be a more politically-insulated agency handling such important things, what with Obama in bed with the biggest pension thieves on the planet?

Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB): 
Supposedly this one's around to protect federal employees against partisan political or other unjust personnel practices. Alas, the way this heinous administration throws its weight around, it appears that this bunch aren't doing squat down there-

Indeed they are not: in over more than 30 years in operation, the largest settlement it has disclosed was $755K to a 'wrongfully terminated' SEC lawyer in 2005. And the agency's duties are very limited: on the list of things it doesn't do is "investigate allegations of activities prohibited by civil service laws, rules or regulations," because of course there's already another fed agency for that...


National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (NCFRR): 
It's not exactly a secret that our government has done a ghastly 
-nay, reckless- job of managing its (OUR) money in recent years. How has Obama responded to the ongoing, dire, and growing deficit crisis... one largely of his own making?

By spending our money on the NCFRR, of course!  The agency's task is to find "policies to improve the fiscal situation in the medium term" and to "achieve fiscal sustainability over the long run."

So what did we get from this commission of assembled experts he created in 2010? They promptly demonstrated the group's value to taxpayers by producing a report in December 2010 that failed to receive a formal endorsement from the WH, and was then immediately swept under the rug (maybe he forgot to tell them precisely what to report lol). We all know it's just another cockamamie Obama political show anyway... so sick of it.

United States Board on Geographic Names (USBGN): 
When the USBGN was created in 1890, the U.S. was undergoing tremendous physical growth and needed "to maintain uniform geographic name usage throughout the Federal Government." 

This expansion westward brought forth inconsistent names with inconsistent spellings, causing confusion among map makers, surveyors and geologists... but haven't we already pretty much named all of the western territories by now?

White House Commission on the 
National Moment of Remembrance: 
While a National Moment of Remembrance is certainly necessary and honorable, the existence of a 'Commission on Remembrance' seems like yet another waste of money to me... what could these people possibly do all year long.

Keep in mind that there are literally millions of spontaneous and planned celebrations each Memorial Day undertaken by patriotic American citizens all across the country... and somehow they manage this without government help--- how bout that.


Always remember: Bureaucracy springs eternal...

USA.gov   Gateway Pundit   Regressivism   h/t Roberto


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Damn, where could we possibly cut costs?

Red said...

Well no wonder we're broke.

Reaganite Republican said...

Time to scrape the barnacles off the hull, folks...
ALL of em

Good Ole Boy said...

There are over three hundred Federal agencies and God only knows how many committees. I would bet a dozen or a few more are Constitutional. A real conservative could trim them and cut the budget by billions, but don't hold you breath. None in the field would do so.

Proof said...

I'm going to forward this column to the Federal Bureau of Redundant Redundancies. In triplicate.

Matt said...

To deal with this terrible waste of taxpayer funds, the government announced a new task force. I will cost 15 billion, and hire three staff. It is expected that the task force will take 15 years to make it's recommendations.

Reaganite Republican said...

Obviously we're all on the same page on this, people need to know about this stuff... the absurdity of their very existence illustrates my point exactly

Glenn Raymond said...

The average citizen needs to realize how much money is being wasted on these stupid agencies, and how disparately wee need to get rid of them. This is an easy call, so why aren't the GOP candidates talking about it? There are so many more of these agencies that it is impossible to list them all here. There are thousands of pages of regulations coming out of these thing too. We need to put more pressure on Republicans to wake up!

dmatthewstewart said...

Great list! And nice blog. I cant believe I hadn't run into it before today.

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