06 December 2011

Israel Blazing Trails with a New Type of Stealthy, Underground War in Iran

A cloud of black smoke rises after an explosion rocked a weapons depot
in Iran Nov. 12, 2011. (Image
: Fars News Agency)

Prelude to a major Israeli and/or US attack...?

Paranoia runs deep in today's Iran, as targeted killings of scientists, advanced cyber-warfare, and mystery explosions -all apparently orchestrated by the Mossad- have jittery Ayatollahs placing the country on near-war footing. Yesterday the Islamic regime officially raised the military readiness level, which involves moving defensive assets to key positions throughout the country and other preparations for war and/or combating the ongoing covert attacks.

What really got them thinking was last month's loss of key scientist (and nuclear program co-founder) Maj Gen Hassan Moghaddam. He died along with sixteen others in an officially-unexplained ka-boom, one said to be orchestrated by Mossad-trained Iranian dissidents building their own bombs inside Iran from common household chemicals.

Tehran now seems convinced that the country is being subjected to a innovative new kind of secret, low-intensity underground war that aims to destroy key elements of their nuclear weapons and ICBM programs- and likely have deduced by now that they are losing. More so, the Republican Guards reportedly suspect that all this is in preparation for a major surprise attack -which could come at any time- and are acting accordingly.

Withdrawal of western diplomatic missions last week surely could be a prelude to any air attack, and as the existential threat posed by the Iranian nuclear program has become oh-so-very real, it appears that the Netanyahu government is growing increasingly impatient.
But for Tehran, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you.  And if current covert operations do evolve into all-out war, the fact is while motor-mouth Amadinnerjacket has been busy boasting, blustering, and threatening the Jewish state's very existence, the Isrealis have quietly got their act together... are prepared to take action... and enjoy massive military superiority over the Islamic Republic of Iran, no amount of puerile trash-talk is ever going to change that.

Additionally, Israel is unlikely to be acting entirely on it's own- most analysts will tell you only the US really has the capability  to reliably wipe out all the most vital Iranian nuclear installations. Officially, Team Obama had Panetta 'warn' Netanyahu not to take action on his own, but imo our unprincipled and increasingly-desperate president would do pretty much anything to juice his sub-Carter approval ratings at this point- of that you can be sure. What better way that to right Jimmeh's most enduring foreign policy FAIL?
Sure, the Russians -who have warships off the Syrian coast- will complain, and loudly... but Putin now suddenly seems to have his hands full heading off his own democratic revolution in Moscow- funny how fast the tide can turn.

Hey Khamenei, you're next: don't look now, but Bibi's getting ready to fire a rocket up your dress...

John Bolton on what such an Israeli attack might entail -here-