06 December 2011

Russia: Interior Ministry Troops Crack Heads in Central Moscow, Detain 2000
'to Prevent Violence'

Moscow demonstrations
IOL News

After a clearly sketchy election 'victory' by Vladimir Putin's United Russia Party, authorities in central Moscow were clearly caught off-guard by social-network-driven demonstrations (largest in years) from those less than thrilled with Putin's authoritarian streak, official corruption/cronyism, and dubious return to the top of the ticket. crackdown,

Youngish crowds shouting "Russia without Putin!" filled the city's Triumphal Square as the Russian Interior Ministry pledged 'as many troops as needed'.  Many were reportedly injured over the last few hours, with over 2000 hauled off in police vans as the crackdown arrived in full force.
At least two opposition leaders have been held without charges since Monday night, while Hillary Clinton 86'd the reset button at long last: 'Sunday's elections were neither free nor fair'.

Looks like Vlad decided to nip it in the bud... but that's what Gaddafi thought he was doing, too.

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