03 December 2011

Reviewing the FREE Online Obama Games:

Obama Mission

The title says it all, help the Bolshevik Boy Wonder defend industrial nationalizations and shameless giveaways to unions against the Teapartynaziclingers and other bad sorts of (racist) people who refuse to STFU, lay back, and learn to enjoy it...

Play -here-

Super Obama World

Cross (union) working-class heroes The Mario Brothers with Dear Leader's mad community-organizing skills and you get Super Obama World, a crude, early 80s style game that has few redeeming qualities outside of the fact that you get to knock Obama's head on things for hours on end (for those so inclined).

But that title 'Super Obama World' could make a great 2012 campaign slogan, eh? What else did this one ever stand for, anyway.

Play -here-


Obama vs. Zombies

Looks like the #Occupy crowd has turned on Dear Leader
and things are beginning to get ugly out there...

Play -here-
FREE Online Obama Games

Hoopster-in-Chief Barry-O shoots some three-pointers whilst the Democrats' party mascot cheers him on -yawn-  
This one pretty much sucks.

Play -here-

While the graphics are cute enough, this one is also pretty lame. In addition, most remain unconvinced that any Muslim terrorists are going to have Obama tied up and wanting to flee: rather, expect high-fives all around, then after Friday prayers brew some tea, fire up the hookah... maybe stone a jew or something.


Falling Obama

Still the best if you ask me: dragging down this virtual Obama (dressed like Travolta in SNF) to the kind of level where the actual one lurks is just a whole bunch of fun... 'cuz it looks like it hurts. Call it therapy... been a frustrating few years.

Play -here-


Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Yeah, I like that last one, but he looks more like a thin P. Diddy to me. My online gaming exists of Mahjong and Freecell. I used to love BookWorm but it's not available for the Mac. Great idea, RR.

Reaganite Republican said...

I am man enough to admit I play this one all the time-

Nom Nom Nom 4 Fud

You'll see me in High Scores from time to time as 'VoteGOP2012' -but there's some libs on there that don't like me much, judging by the handles they've chosen lol

- said...

Whew that first one is rough!

- said...

Oh BTW... Link exchange? I have you on my blogroll.


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