02 December 2011

'Miss North Korea 2011' Sora Chong

Apparently Miss North Korea 2011 Sora Chong created some controversy recently at the Miss Universe pageant in Rio when she made the offhand remark in an interview that sounded kind of arrogant to western ears: 'I'm a 100% natural beauty'. 

But that seemingly-casual comment dovetails well with the DPRK's bankrupt socialist narrative (she was likely fed the line by watchers), and it's not quite so much about Sora Chong's own appearance -big mammos for a petite gal- as it is a dig on women from capitalist countries that have more plastic in them than your Honda.

Surely not the greatest development in our society over the last 20 years, admittedly- and thus one of those rare instances when one can say 'The Norks have a point' and not be joking about an abandoned hotel project... 

Sora (right) and hot regime chaperonette...?

Note: I came across a number of sites that list 
Sora Chong as "Miss South Korea"- 
not the case according to my research,
but does it really matter in this humble 
quest for cross-cultural understanding...?

Stinking American imperialist LIES!