02 December 2011

U R My Candy Girl, Kevin

Did you read Archies comics when you were a kid?

I myself had a handful of 'em- along with MAD and other comic books like Spiderman and Hot Rod Cartoons/CarToons. I think they're still boxed-up in my mom's attic, and -alas- probably would be worth a few bucks if not for the sad condition so
typical of things I first owned when I was a Cub Scout.

But the numerous variations on the comic series featuring "Archie Andrews" -which began in 1941- were pure teenage America, always fun and taken as whole delivered a positive message. After some honest and probing self-analysis, I'd even have to say that my youthful crush on Veronica could be the origin of a lifelong preference for brunettes (hey, she was hot!).

The traditional-style Archies comic book series is still published actually- and while I have no way of knowing what demographic they pull nowadays, I first read these things when I was about eight years old.
Therefore it's safe to assume that's the kind of little kids that will be soaking-up the radical gay agenda theme they're now peddling both in-print and online... and in one little corner of our (under siege) culture you might have thought to be safe from such ceaseless propaganda.

Recent issues feature The Archies' new openly gay character "Kevin Keller", who dubuted in 2010 as a new kid-in-town. Seems Veronica was hot for him from the day one, yet he oddly showed no interest in the raven-haired comic goddess. 

Now a year later, they're marrying him off to his black boyfriend...

"Note the military uniform, making this
celebration of interracial sodomy the
perfect expression of political correctness" 

For some reason, the left-wing nuts that run the Archie empire are looking to have a whole different sort of effect on boys reading Archies comics today than learning to appreciate the ever-hot Betty and Veronica as we did in my time... 
is this really necessary? 

And are these issues -which have to compete with comics/storylines that might actually interest children- selling any copies...? Hard to imagine, that: perhaps some hyper-liberal organization or individual is underwriting this guaranteed loser product so a handful of kooks in San Francisco and Massachusetts can ram it down their hapless kids'/students' throats... the storyline can't possibly be based on any sort of normal marketing considerations.
So be sure not miss the special #OWS double-issue boys-n-girls, now in kiddie book-store sections nationwide... maybe next week 'Jughead' can put together an after-school athiests' club, wouldn't that be neat... Archies gay comic


Anonymous said...

Grooovy ;)

Wrial Huden said...

As a comic book reader and collector for many years, I remember my phase into Archie Comics and what harmless and enjoyable entertainment they once provided. The only action I can remember the company doing even remotely PC was the introduction of characters of other races (Chuck Clayton - black, Frankie Valdez - Hispanic), not a big deal really as the whitebread world of Archie could get kind of dull. But bringing in gay characters...the old guard at Archie must have been put out to pasture and the younger, more liberal inmates have taken over the asylum. I'm almost sure the late great Archie artist Dan DeCarlo would not have participated in this and am glad he didn't live to see what's been done to the characters he's drawn for so many years...

Reaganite Republican said...

Disturbing, isn't it

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