10 January 2012

Advanced Therapy for Recovering
Hopenchange Bandwagon Hoppers

Now that you proved you're not racist or anything...

Admit you have a problem:
As for you weak, malleable souls unable to think for yourself 
(and too intellectually lazy to do any real due diligence on the venomous stealth-commie freak you felt obligated to make the most powerful man in the world), it's time to take a good, hard look at the scale of utter catastrophe you and other gullible ignoramuses inflicted upon this country... before the rest of us come over there and just choke you.

Pay your penance, fool:

Obviously, you OWE your fellow Americans to try and make right... so let's display that new attitude on the back of your car, for all the world to see. 

Plenty of quality material to choose from...

American  Method

Conservative Image

The Sticker Shoppe



Conservative Image

The Sticker Shoppe


The Sticker Shoppe

DVS Grafix

Stick It to Obama

Irregular Times

Alas, about the only way it could get any more embarrassing for would be if the old ones won't come-off the car! 
(Axelrod '08: "I got it, chief... let's use Superglue")

Legal Insurrection

No worries: we're here to bail-ya-out, slush head- 
just like you've grown so damn accustomed to:

h/t Kirby


Randy-g said...

A round up of all the classics, and they are all true!

Reaganite Republican said...

Good one here

@ Legal Insurrection

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Is it OK to cover the old with the new?

Lucas said...


Game, set and match.

Reaganite Republican said...


Don't tell me YOU, TOO... lol

Johnny Dollar said...

Make sure you visit http://www.UpYoursObama.com - Home to many of these classics and more!

Anonymous said...

FUCK Obama!!!!!!!

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