12 January 2012

A Romney Nomination Means Independent Runs from BOTH Trump and Ron Paul?
You Bet Your Sweet Bippy!!!

If you weren't an adult (or were living in a cave) in 1992, I'm here to tell you that any independent run on the Right that pulls over 
2-3% means four more years of Obama... this election is way, way too close for us to allow anything like that to develop 
(and some people wonder why I'm backing Newt).

Yes, a dissed-n-pissed Trump is a serious potential problem we just don't need... but that's precisely what we're looking at now. He's already bolted the party, has an axe to grind, and can easily fund a substantial campaign. The Donald wouldn't need many votes to torpedo Mittens, and would at minimum do some heavy damage to the RNC's golden boy in the run-up to November.

Recall that Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to launch an independent campaign -think H. Ross Perot on cocaine- if the GOP 'picks the wrong candidate'.  He's also met and made nice with each and every Republican presidential hopeful save Romney, Paul, and Huntsman... in other words, any of the top three in New Hampshire and Trump's in. Since Mitt is the only one of them with a prayer of winning the nomination, you tell me who he's talking about.

But a Trump third-party presidential run would be a disaster for the GOP... and the nation, as Barack Obama would thereby be handed all the time he needs to finish pounding traditional America into smithereens.


Alas- it's kind of hard for me to get all over Trump for it when
l largely agree what he's trying to force from the DC party establishment. I don't want him as president, but the source of the problem lies elsewhere: he wouldn't be threatening to run if there wasn't a (highly effective) conspiracy afoot to pick-off Romney's challengers one-by-one.

In addition, a Romney nomination is the one single thing that
all but ensures
an indy run (or damaging fight-on to a brokered Republican National Convention) from Ron Paul... great!  

An obstinate stand by this cult voter block could cost us dearly, since the Republican Party is in no position to just write-off major factions in an election of such dire circumstance (vs. systematically-cheating opponents). This is likely what Sarah Palin was recently referring to when she warned not to marginalize or ignore the Ron Paul libertarians... hey,
I'd like to see the Fed audited too-

Conservatives do need to all get on the same page- and quick. Any serious independent presidential campaigns on the Right
-pushing divisions right on into November- are exactly the opposite of what we need to save this country from the ongoing 'progress' of the Obammunist Left.

But who's to blame for this now-unfolding predicament? Those trying to force the GOP to listen to the TEA Party at long last...
or a Republican Beltway establishment hell-bent on ramming the unloved Mitt Romney down your throat?

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Mark Adams said...

Heard Trump on On the Record the other day, and Gretta was pressing him about this, on who he thought would be the candidate from the GOP, if nominated, would make Trump jump in as a independent. He wouldn’t directly say, but based on his comment that he would be OK with Newt, Romney and Santorum and that how he does not like Paul at all, especially on foreign policy... My bet would be if Paul was the nominee, that’s when Trump would jump in as an independent.
And to be honest, at that point, I would not have an issue with that.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...


wdk535 said...

Trump/Paul? Paul/Trump?

Reaganite Republican said...




RSS Ronald Reagan said...

Do you really think our folks would let their votes gets siphoned off? There's seems to be a WHOLE LOT of dissatisfaction with the current administration, and I'm hoping that we all remember the Perot fiasco of 1992.

Reaganite Republican said...

Yeah, I hope not

It's just so close, if we have a weak nominee like Romney, a lot of conservatives WILL stay home

Then an indy with 2 or 3 pct throws it to Obama... that's all it would take, RSS-RR

joetote said...

Of course I agree and quite honestly I'm afraid a mind dead electorate will choose to keep believing the Big Lie and endores another establishment RINO piece of scum. having said that, I'm wondering how many of us are left that even know what a bippy is! LOL!

Reaganite Republican said...

I know da bippy lol

Don't forget 'Here comes da judge'-

of Pontiac GTO Judge fame!

smitty1e said...

I'm not sure why Paul hanging on until the GOP convention is a Bad Thing.
An explanatory post would be helpful.

RightKlik said...

Can't kill what's already dead.

Reaganite Republican said...

It's not a Bad Thing, just a bad thing lol

To me, the 4-way divided Right is handing the nomination to Mittens- could be over in Florida, coming right up.

And it's NOT what the majority of Republicans want. RP can do as he wants, it's a free country... but if the GOP hadn't destroyed all more conservative alternatives (Cain, Bachmann, attempt on Newt now) I guess we could just let the process go on in good faith.

Trouble is- I'm not seeing any fair play from the RNC/Mittens unholy alliance... only unity on the right can stop him how, and to me only Newt has the stature and skills to pull it off.

It's Newt vs Mitt now, seems apparent and my choice there is clear

Anonymous said...

Newt couldn't even get on the ballot in his home state he is pounding Romney on the wrong issues and has no organization to speak of. It is either Romney or Paul.

Anonymous said...

I expect a lot more votes for the "third-party" candidates in this election cycle.

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