16 February 2012

Billion-Dollar Obama Machine Would
Cut Santorum to Ribbons

Cutting-to-the-chase, Rick Santorum is a very weak and uncharismatic candidate, one who was almost completely ignored until all more savory choices where destroyed in Romney/PAC/MSM/negative attacks. Basically, he’s still here because nobody bothered to even look at him, let alone slander. Much like Obama, he's become a 'blank slate' that allows people to see what they want to see... but why delude yourself out of some false sense of necessity?
With his hollow record of accomplishment, zero leadership experience, whining demeanor, and loser’s aura in the wake of getting trounced by 19 pts last time out (as an incumbent!), Obama will simply paint him a nosy church-lady and intolerant kook as he absolutely SHREDS HIM in November.
Since the Left would love for Santorum to be the nominee, you’re not hearing a peep from them- yet.  But the the progs would have a field-day with Ricky, given the chance. Obama himself plans a billion dollar campaign... most of it negative, sure as you're born. 
And as noted by VodkaPundit, Santorum does like to pontificate on almost any topic you care to serve-up, and therein lies another problem: Ramblin' Rick doesn't seem able to stay on-message -or really to even have one: a walking, talking disaster in the presidential election (even worse if he managed to find his way to the Oval Office). 
All I know is this: I didn’t just fight for three years, day-in-and-day-out just to hook up my wagon to a lame nag like this... rather go to a brokered convention and beg Palin to run. 
Never thought I'd miss Bachmann and Perry so much either... WHY did they even pack it in and hand so much to Santorum? Either would have been far more preferable from where I'm standing.
If Newt’s third comeback (pending) doesn’t materialize in time, maybe we can get somebody else to step up in Orlando… but no Santorum, please.
Santorum is a loser


Anonymous said...

There is only ONE TRUE CONSERVATIVE in the race.Ron Paul.

Mark Adams said...

Obviously, RR you and I, and maybe about 1/3 of the conservatives base gets it.
Romney's no conservative, even though he and Fox claim he is. I like Santorum, however, he is too weak in the knee's to stand up to the Chicago retch.
Has it escaped the rest of the base that the Left have not scorched Mitt and Rick???
But Nancy Pelosi nearly had an aneurism when she told John King that "Newt will never be President, EVER"
Newt the guy. You know it, I know it. Hope he makes a comeback.

wisdomdepot said...

Rick finds himself as the last vestige for the Please Fill the "Palin Void" crowd. How sad to witness exactly the shallowness of our electorate. This is expected of the lemmings of the left. We have "Amused Ourselves to Death". Now go turn your TV's back on get a good little mind-numbing education. I'm sure Rush, Beck and Fox will "straighten you out". Meanwhile our country is being flushed…
It's almost as if the primaries are a series of mountains in varying ascension. Rick topped three small hills and found himself sliding down the other side alongside of the pack screeching, 'Wee, what the hell am I doing here!"
We just need to get past this brief period of media mush with Newt back in front of the masses, get on with the real dialog of the issues. That way the obvious surfaces. NEWT 2012!

Reaganite Republican said...

"Has it escaped the rest of the base that the Left have not scorched Mitt and Rick???"

Exactly dude, you MUST look at which of our candidates they are attacking- the Prog left cannot keep from meddling, it's their whole thing. It's clear to me that Gingrich scares the crap out of them.

And thanks WisdomDepot, I have a hunch Newt will be hitting his stride just in time for Super Tuesday... he's got two-and-a-half weeks

libertarian neocon said...

I think anyone is going to have a tough time against Obama. Even Reagan was polling even with Carter up until that debate one week before the election (the one which featured "there you go again" and Carter admitting to asking his daughter Amy for advice). So if Reagan can have a tough time against a festering turd like Carter imagine how hard it will be when none of the GOP candidates are as likeable as Reagan.

I think Newt will do the best, when he is on the top of his game, he could inspire an eskimo to move to the sahara.

I think Romney would do the worst. He is just so wooden and elitist that he will turn off all of the Reagan democrats who have been with the GOP for decades.

Santorum is definitely going to have a challenge but he will be better than Romney though worse than Newt. He doesnt really inspire when he speaks but he is a blue collar guy at heart who tells it like it is. Some of his more insane social fascist comments will probably turn off quite a few voters but he is often able to sound reasonable and is able to talk through why he actually believes what he believes (Romney cant do that because he doesnt believe in anything).

Reaganite Republican said...

I don't think I'd disagree with a word of that

Quite Rightly said...

Yeah, the Prog Left hate and despise Santorum, but they also had and and despise Newt, and usually mention them together in their hate-filled screeds, conspicuously leaving out Romney's name. Both Santorum and Newt have the added baggage of being (dare I say it) Catholic, and therefore, in the eyes of many, medievalist nutcases who want to sneak into every woman's bedroom and steal her birth control. Santorum is more vulnerable than Newt to 0's machine because he actually is a practicing Catholic and lives like one.

However, we might as well face the fact that anyone who has not yet figured out that 0 does nothing but lie (and that he actively uses those lies to deprive increasing numbers of Americans of their ability to feed, clothe, and house themselves) is not going to vote for any Republican.

Those who have figured 0 out are going to vote for anyone else.

Unless, of course, groceries suddenly become affordable in November.

The best we can do is help people see the connections between their suffering and worry and Obama's policies.

Zazu said...

It is sad but there is no viable alternative. Romney is a RINO establishment candidate that NOBODY wants to see elected. Santorum is a joke, basically a left wing caricature of a gay bashing, contraception banning nanny stater. Gingrich is a retread from the early nineties with a plane full of baggage and a history of adultery and divorce. Ron Paul is too radical on the economy, too moderate on social issues, and too insane on foreign policy.

Damn shame, because Obama is very vulnerable and even McCain would beat him in 2012.

Reaganite Republican said...

Writing off Gingrich for TOTALLY irrelevant reasons (that you had beat into your head by Romney's PAC buddies) is a big part of the problem this primary season

Talking to you, 'Zazu'- think for yourself and listen to what the Former House Speaker has to say... to me, most of the 'baggage' is nothing

Rational Nation USA said...

Santorum and Gingrich would be easy shreds for Obama. They're both losers, in more ways than one.

Romney is as plastic as you'll find.

Paul is the only candidate with the intellect to be president, but he scars too many statists to ever get elected.

So, retread republicans are left empty handed. Brokered convention anyone?

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

RR, I believe your "nosey church lady" is exactly how Santorum will be tagged by O. I don't believe he is that, but that image is his weakness. Independents will not vote for him.

Reaganite Republican said...

Agreed, Maggie

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