16 February 2012

Billion-Dollar Obama Machine Would
Cut Santorum to Ribbons

Cutting-to-the-chase, Rick Santorum is a very weak and uncharismatic candidate, one who was almost completely ignored until all more savory choices where destroyed in Romney/PAC/MSM/negative attacks. Basically, he’s still here because nobody bothered to even look at him, let alone slander. Much like Obama, he's become a 'blank slate' that allows people to see what they want to see... but why delude yourself out of some false sense of necessity?
With his hollow record of accomplishment, zero leadership experience, whining demeanor, and loser’s aura in the wake of getting trounced by 19 pts last time out (as an incumbent!), Obama will simply paint him a nosy church-lady and intolerant kook as he absolutely SHREDS HIM in November.
Since the Left would love for Santorum to be the nominee, you’re not hearing a peep from them- yet.  But the the progs would have a field-day with Ricky, given the chance. Obama himself plans a billion dollar campaign... most of it negative, sure as you're born. 
And as noted by VodkaPundit, Santorum does like to pontificate on almost any topic you care to serve-up, and therein lies another problem: Ramblin' Rick doesn't seem able to stay on-message -or really to even have one: a walking, talking disaster in the presidential election (even worse if he managed to find his way to the Oval Office). 
All I know is this: I didn’t just fight for three years, day-in-and-day-out just to hook up my wagon to a lame nag like this... rather go to a brokered convention and beg Palin to run. 
Never thought I'd miss Bachmann and Perry so much either... WHY did they even pack it in and hand so much to Santorum? Either would have been far more preferable from where I'm standing.
If Newt’s third comeback (pending) doesn’t materialize in time, maybe we can get somebody else to step up in Orlando… but no Santorum, please.
Santorum is a loser