17 February 2012

'Obama for America 2012', ACORN, and Various Union Palookas Preparing for
Brutal Fall Campaign

Creating another four years' space for Dear Leader 
(to finish off what's left of this country) is Job #1...

Elite Obama for America volunteers train 
for upcoming get-out-the-vote efforts

Following up on 2008's huge success in Philly that brought the
respect and admiration of the Obama Administration/Justice Dept,
America's favorite racist militia The Black Panthers will be expanding their poll-monitoring teams nationwide for 2012 in-order to ensure all voters -African-Americans, Hispanics, AND honkies- feel free from any pressure or manipulation at the polls.

BHO will be counting on dazzling appeal to homosexuals to put him over the finish line. Alexrod and Plouffe (chosen to head the effort by merit of their hilariously gay-sounding names)  will be spearheading such innovations as free 'Obama 2012' beach-shot calendars in bathhouses 
and swishy disco meat-markets from the Castro District to The Village.

Voter registration and mobilization are considered essential to the 
Obama 2012 campaign,  particularly in oppressed communities (i.e.- Zombie-Americans)

Union street muscle is to be widely deployed as a 'catalyst to the democratic process', according to Teamster message-boy Joe Biden. In order to ensure no scabs (or other scumbags who don't deserve to live) dare vote for da wrong gice, union 'advisers' will be leaning on having a talk with the rank-and-file on the way to the polling stations. Here veteran goon/boss Jimmy Hoffa Jr schemes-n-dreams of what might be.

And President Obama is still chaffing at the scandalously inadequate level of adoration/servantile fawning he received in the 2008 campaign- some even asked him direct questions and refused to avert their eyes!

The answer? New rules for the White House press corps this cycle include journalists forking-over all their cash and earthly possessions to the campaign while offering-up pets and children for ritualistic sacrifice to Obama 2012, drinking a quart of The One's bathwater, and ceding full editorial control/veto power to Valerie Jarrett.

Owing to efficient management and results-oriented flexibility in the field during Harry Reid's unlikely 2010 comeback victory, the
Purple People Beaters will be in-charge of as many urban centers as possible this time round to handle distribution, collection, and disposal of both paper ballots and voting machines... good to hear we'll be in the hands of professionals instead of some redneck TEA Party hacks.

You Santorum supporters sure he's up to facing all this?

Obama for America 2012 union goons ACORN palookas Nevada Unions goons most expect a vicious,  brutal fall campaign indeed