14 March 2012

Forget About the White House, that's Lost- Focus on Building Powerful Congressional Majorities to Neutralize Obama Instead

After a disappointing night that found Newt Gingrich unable to register outright victories in the deep South, I'm left with the conclusion that the only capable conservative fighter we had left has been unfortunately tossed aside by primary voters in order to back an unqualified, low-charisma schmoe who will be pounded to smithereens in the general election if we give him the chance.

And that's a big 'if'-Santorum himself admits he cannot win the nomination anytime before the Tampa convention: an internal memo reveals the goal as a 'contested convention' (same as Gingrich has been saying for weeks).

I'm all for stopping Romney... but at what price? And Newt is supposed to drop-out now- to facilitate what, exactly?

Yeah- it would have been nice to have a proven conservative with economic experience, a record of accomplishment, impressive intellectual power/debating skills, and widely-appealing charm at the top of the ticket... but since RIck Santorum has none of those things, he simply cannot compete effectively with Obama.

I would describe myself as a 'right-wing Catholic'... trouble is, this one just ain't got the skills, while offering almost as weak a record of accomplishment as Obama '08. Current polls showing Santorum competitive with Obama mean nothing... wait till Plouffe and Axelrod go into attack mode and then tell me how he's holding-up. Lack of foresight has many forgetting what awaits us in the fall, I fear (one of the primary reasons I wanted to have Newt at Obama's throat, not some bumbling altar boy).

Voters are TOTALLY focused on jobs and gasoline pump prices this election year... while so many GOP primary voters rush to nominate a proven loser with zero economic/business experience that tends to wander-off into social issues rather than pledge $2.50 gas and a new (Laffer-endorsed) Reagan Revolution, as -say- Gingrich did.

All you millions who supported Newt before Romney and his PAC-men unleashed $50M in attack ads ought to be ashamed of yourselves for being so pliable- did you ever take the time to consider the source of the attacks that sent you scampering over to Santorum? Or did you simply lack the heuvos and political knowledge to defend your own choice?

For me, the primary race is over... I've already done what I can/voted for Newt, and have decided to pray for an open convention that will deliver us a more capable candidate. In the meantime -as floated by George Will a couple weeks back- it's time to fight for the Senate/House races the GOP strategically HAVE to win

Giving my all for the presidential contest seems foolish if you're talking Romney or Santorum- it's like being an car saleman selling Chevy Citations to anyone who will listen when he knows that they're junk.

What a relief it is knowing I won't have to defend Rick Santorum for the next 8 months... hard to fight for somebody you have no faith in. I would kill to have Perry back in the race, man was he overlooked- certainly by myself as well.

Team Obama licking their chops... the ads just write themselves

Alas, this is today's political arena: attack ads/manipulative MSM + gullible voters bring you the guy that's done the least, is boring as watching grass grow, who basically just warmed a Senate seat for 12 years... while the accomplished, the brilliant, the driven, and the gifted are ran-off- great.

Have fun, Republicans- looks like you'll have to try and beat Obama without me... and I'm not the only one.

Rick Santorum is a loser, election is lost. time to focus on senate


libertarian neocon said...

Hi RR, Looks like we are finding ourselves in the same boat. Im very disappointed that Newt didn't win anything last night (other than some delegates) and I can't bring myself to switch to Santorum. Not yet anyway. I think though he is improving as a candidate thanks to his stealing quite a few lines from Newt (if you watched the Alabama Presidential Forum you'll know what I mean).

In the end, we need to beat two liberals in this election, Romney and Obama. If Santorum turns out to be our only hope then I will have to get on that train sometime. There is too much at stake not too. Obamacare is going to cost $1.76 Trillion over 10 years according to the latest CBO estimate, we have to stop it and we wont if Obama is in charge. Romney won't stop it either. Only Rick or Newt will.

By the way, I find myself missing Huntsman and Bachmann, I think they are both superior to Romney and Santorum. Huntsman is a much better moderate/conservative than Romney and Bachmann is more economically conservative than Santorum.

Anonymous said...

This really makes me wish Allen West was running for President rather than Congress.*Sigh* Well at least I can help keep him in Congress where he can do some good by opposing Obama's rabid anti-colonialism which is the source of his actions. he's been trying to destroy America from the inside out and he's succeeding...

xymbaline said...

I haven't lost the slightest bit of faith. Newt is blocking Romney from getting the nomination before the convention. This gives us the chance to show our Conservative strength in Tampa and demand that things go our way.

In fact, we're in the catbird seat.

Let's concentrate on a plan for dominating the Convention and keeping the RINO's from getting their way.

libertarian neocon said...

At this point, unless a meteorite bounces off of Romney and hits Santorum, Newt has zero chance. There is no logical argument anyone can make otherwise.

Also you could argue that Newt is actually hurting the conservative cause by staying in when he gets under 15% in those states that have a 15% threshold. As those people who would have voted for Santorum are not unrepresented in the state delegation. While 100% of the Newt voters certainly wont go to Santorum I think more will go to him than to Romney.

libertarian neocon said...

by the way, I didnt mean to write "not unrepresented", I meant "not represented" or "unrepresented".

Reaganite Republican said...

I say open convention, Jeb Bush vs Palin vs Mitch Daniels... any one of them could beat Obama, except perhaps Jeb simply due to Bush fatigue

Conservative Pup said...

Pretty much my thoughts too, James. I too did my part, voted Newt in my primary, but Santorum took my state. Of course, I haven't held out much hope or interest in the presidential race since October 5.

I have no confidence at all in Santorum for the general. The Obama team will come at him with everything they've got and can make up, and I have no confidence that he can stand up to it. Palin would have stood up to it just fine, she's already had a steady onslaught since 2008. Newt would do fine too.

I too say open convention, but have a little Bush fatigue myself, and Daniels strikes me as boring as Santorum.

Win the Senate, increase the majority of the House. The only plan really.

Kevin A Ward said...

As a Florida voter for Newt I appreciate your concerns about Romney & Santorum, however I am confident they can win. For starters events will drive the outcome with gas prices,food prices, Israel striking Iran, etc. Frankly, I think Romney is a fraud, but he's better than the alternative, which is 4 more years of Obama.

I would also ask you to reconsider your sentiments for this reason: Voters don't disassociate the bottom of the ticket with the top anymore. Fates are interwoven. Moreover, do you want to risk Obama appointing Scalia's successor? If Obama gets the picks, then he succeeds regardless of who we elect to Congress.

I've been where you're at. Before moving to Tampa 15 years ago I spent four years trying to elect Republicans in Philadelphia which is manic to say the least.

As disappointed as I am with events to date we must make every effort to remain positive and elect Romney or Santorum. Then we hold their feet to the fire. My father used to say that most times you're not voting for someone, you're voting against someone and with REagan as the obvious exception he was right.

WE have to keep out chins up because the stakes are too high

libertarian neocon said...

We can't have an open convention unfortunately. It is scheduled to start on August 27th, giving America 10 weeks to get to know the potential President. Instead of the economy or Obamacare or Iran being the topic of conversation (and questions to the candidate), it will be what REALLY happened at the convention.

Anonymous said...

All hope is not lost: "Newt Gingrich’s campaign issued a memo to reporters on Tuesday as the polls were open in Mississippi and Alabama, arguing that the GOP race for the White House is only approaching “halftime.” Gingrich himself earlier in the day used that same football terminology, arguing that Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney would do worse in the second half of this GOP battle.

Here is the memo as sent to reporters by Gingrich’s senior campaign adviser Randy Evans"



Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

We don't know how it will turn out. In the meantime we have to keep a focus on all the goals. We have who we have. We must deal with it and put one of these men in the White House. There is no other choice, and I believe we have more opportunities than just the White House.

There's plenty left to do, and it doesn't have to be centered on our candidates - at least not right now.

Far beyond who becomes our nominee is who does not become President. RR, keep the faith.

hopechange said...

Hi Reaganite Republican, this thing is unfolding before our very eyes.
The question is how to recover Constitutional government from a corrupt MACHINE in Washington, D.C.

Don't you see? This thing HAS to have twists and turns.

The Establishment money-boys have got all the foreseeable bases covered. With their money. And their power. The only thing that will work is something that cannot be foreseen. So we have to go through this with faith that government of the people, by the people and for the people will prevail.

The energy and genius of the American People have to become focused on restoring our republic.

That is what this NATIONAL CONVERSATION, Newt's team is talking about is FOR.

So stay with it, because this is not even half over. The money people, who want us to think this is all sewn up, cannot close the deal, after years of trying.

RR, are you not on Newt's email list? You should have gotten this email. READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO SEE HOW THIS WILL WORK:
The Evans-Baker memo from the Newt campaign shows us the way forward to WIN THE NOMINATION.

(NewtCerto, commenter of mental toughness, endurance and certainty, left the link to it at LEGAL INSURRECTION):


So, courage, my friend Reagan Republican! Because our true goal is to reform Washington, D.C.

So defeating Obama is just the BEGINNING of our saga. And that is why I support NEwt.

The plan is clearly stated in Newt’s 2012 CPAC speech. http://newtgingrich360.com/profiles/blogs/newt-2012-cpac-2012-american-campaign-newt-man-with-the-plan
(I put a loose transcript there so you can skim through it if you want.)

I believe President Reagan would be proud of us for being tough and willing to keep the faith, as he did when he stood up to the Soviets.

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtYdjbpBk6A

It’s our turn, Reaganite Republican, as I know you know. And we are standing up for our freedoms, as Reagan did. And Newt is a Reaganite. And that is why I support Newt.

hopechange said...


There is no call for the hopeless tone. the memo from the Newt campaign is there. You apparently haven't read it?

Xymbaline is right. Things are actually going very well.

Maggie is right. Keep the faith.

This is about reforming Washington, D.C. and breaking up the crony, tax-payer-financed government-power festival that's going on there.

To do that, you've got to have someone who knows how the government functions, understands the Constitution and how the government is meant to function.

You call in the best when you need an Ace. You call in the teacher. You call in the Master. Newt is the best.

Just watch 2012: VICTORY OR DEATH." Just that one speech. 
You'll understand so much more about what we're going to do.


Reaganite Republican said...

Good to hear from you, Conservative Pup- Santorum isn't even winning the CATHOLIC vote from what I read, not in Ohio anyway. I don't think they like how he wears it on his sleeve, and it seems a bit staged to me as well.

As for Newt, he's got a chance of a PRE-convention deal... that's the buzz, Santorum as VP.

Of course I would vote for Santorum in the general, if I had to... just don't think he can win, and find it hard to go all-out for what I feel is a lost cause.

Re for open convention (which most players would like to avoid) I would favor Sarah- the Left doesn't have anything left to throw at her anyway, then it would be a referendum on Obama, as it should be

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I will vote for Newt in our primary. I have to agree Santorum is shark food. And as for Romney, he's too vanilla like McCain and Dole. DON YOUR BATTLE GEAR!

GraceIsHere said...

I second hopechange! I keep thinking of Washington's battles throughout the Revolutionary War. He lost, he strategized, attacked, lost again, attacked, retreated... but God gave him the grace not to say "impossible" - and we all know how many "upsets" occur in monumental campaigns. This is where faith comes in, as well as the work involved in supporting Newt.

Just remember Newt has withstood ugly smears throughout this journey and been exonerated and vindicated, yet people (fickle people) run from one candidate to the next, whoever is popular at the moment.

I visit RightScoop.com, legalinsurrection.com, and Justin.fm frequently, and there are many great Newt supporters, especially at Right Scoop. It encourages me to have these very intelligent folks who have remained consistent and dedicated to Newt's cause. Scoop himself tends toward Santorum right now, but he has been fair-minded, and posts "Newt news" often.

Thanks, RR, libertarianneocon, hopechange, et al.


libertarian neocon said...

Hopechange, I did read the memo from Newt's campaign but all it told me is that we can still defeat Romney. Which is 100% true. But unless you suddenly find out that Santorum was sharing some of Foley's pages, you arent going to get most conservative voters to vote for Newt. It's unfortunate and if you look at my site I have written endlessly on Santorum's negatives and Newt's positives.

I think the best we can hope for at this point would be a senior position in new administration. I actually dont want Newt as VP for strategic reasons. I'd rather that spot go to someone younger who can continue the fight at the top of the ticket in 4-8 years and then for 8 years after that, assuming a victory. Someone like Jindal, maybe Daniels or even Rick Perry would probably be a good choice. Allen West and Marco Rubio could be interesting choices as well.

Reaganite Republican said...

NOW the problem is Ron Paul striking a HIGHLY cynical deal with Romney to install his son as VP or in a cabinet position

That could put Mittens over-the-top... but he's now a damaged candidate, even weaker than thought previously

Good grief

hopechange said...

Hi Reaganite Republican -- this excerpt came today in a "TIMETO CHOOSE" email for NEwt:
[email starts]

From Frank James of KUHF.FM News in Houston, Texas

Time for a few unconventional thoughts:

Newt Gingrich is still in good enough shape to win the Republican presidential nomination at a brokered convention in Tampa.
By staying in the race, Gingrich actually helps, not hurts, his rival Rick Santorum.
Gingrich's situation resembles Abraham Lincoln's in 1860.
Those were some of the points made by Rick Tyler, senior adviser to the pro-Gingrich Winning Our Future superPAC, during an interview by All Things Considered co-host Robert Siegel Wednesday.

This, of course, is the same Tyler who last week predicted that Gingrich would win the Alabama and Mississippi primaries Tuesday. The former House speaker came in second to Santorum in both states.

If Tyler was shaken by those results, it wasn't discernible, however. Tyler said:

"Alabama and Mississippi certainly didn't meet my expectations. But remember, Newt has left Alabama and Mississippi with only 11 less delegates than Rick Santorum."

To hear Tyler tell it, Gingrich is sitting in the catbird seat. All he needs to do is wait for the Republican National Convention in Tampa to roll around in August with none of the candidates having the 1,144 delegates required for the nomination.

At which point the former speaker will be able to offer himself to the convention delegates as the savior of his party.

"In many ways Newt is Lincoln in 1860, who went to his convention third. Newt will arrive, if I may propose this, he will arrive in Tampa on equal footing with the other candidates. That is, he will arrive with less than the required number of delegates to win the nomination.

"If that happens, my prediction is that Mitt Romney will lose the first ballot, and if he loses the first ballot he will be abandoned. And then Newt, I believe, would have better than a 50-50 chance of winning the nomination among the remaining three candidates.

"In brokered conventions - which we haven't had in my lifetime, in my recollection - all bets are off. Once the first ballot fails, all the delegates are released. And Newt will have a case to make. And I believe he will have a strong case to make."

All in all, nothing Tyler said indicated that Gingrich might be close to exiting the race. [end email]

Reaganite Republican, Newt is the one who can wrangle the Left in Washington once the election is won. That's why Newt must stay in the race.

Thanks for your blog and this opportunity to express my opinion.

Reaganite Republican said...

If you've ever read this blog before you'd know I'm one of THE BIGGEST Newt pumpers on the planet... but got to put some TDs on the board sometime, hard to win with just field goals

I don't want him to drop out... not at all. You still see the 'Newt2012' donation button in my right column, don't you?

It is what it is, tho- a VERY frustrating GOP primary season, and the nastiest race there's been in some time

pamibe said...

"What a relief it is knowing I won't have to defend Rick Santorum for the next 8 months.."

You're reading my mind.
No matter what, Newt doesn't need defending. Ever. He's an adult and can take care of himself... and US.

There is hope, however slim....

Reaganite Republican said...

Amen, Pam

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