15 March 2012

World's WORST Potato Chips . . .

Answer to a question nobody (ever) asked


those ought to stay-down
well after a long night's drinking

aka 'Louisiana Road-Kill'

Golden Wonder Sausage-  yum


Can't I just get my hotdog next to the chips
-like in the picture?

The Ruskies chip-in with Red Caviar-
some people really know how to live


Balsamic Vinegarette: Xtremely uneccessary


Now with fish- and chips

Praise Allah- it's about damn time!

Bloody Mary flavor, now

Has VodkaPundit been made aware of this sacrilege?

Toss another Kangaroo (and Emu) on the barbie!

flavored... why

Three Great Tastes... That Don't Go Great Together

Just wrong

And do my fellow Yanks know what HAGGIS consists of...?
(hint: makes 
Tijuana street-purchased chorizo look like prime rib)
World's Worst packages crips Potato Chips funny pics disgusting lol gross


Randy-g said...

I can hardly wait until lunch time!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Damn, I just had breakfast. I'll have to wait for lunch. Chili and Chocolate?

innominatus said...

The Walker's items look like they're meant for American consumption. Gack!

As Samuel Adams said: "And may posterity not remember that ye were ever our countrymen!"

Reaganite Republican said...

"The Walker's items look like they're meant for American consumption"

Except for they're labeled 'crisps'

Mark Adams said...

Chilli and Chocolate... WTF?
That like eggs and beer, never mix the two. :)

Reaganite Republican said...


Matt said...

Man, those are some pretty weird combinations.

Reaganite Republican said...

Test Marketers Gone Wild lol

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