19 March 2012

Recalcitrant Hillary 2008 Delegates Wacked by Soros/Obama Machine?

Hollywood agent/producer Bettina Sofia Viviano -a liberal Democrat approached in 2008 to produce a documentary re. Obama irregularities/voter fraud- went on blogtalkradio this weekend to promote Will Not Be Silenced, where the filmmaker made some remarkable claims...

  • Viviano was told first-hand by Bill Clinton that they KNEW Obama was not eligible to be president
  • Alas  -just as he was about to go public and 'out Obama'- Bubba shut his trap after a long time friend was murdered. The Clintons then surreptitiously launched the 'birther' movement.
  • She was told by Democrat Party operatives that Soros met with both Obama and Hillary to see if either they would be willing to destroy the US economy (Hillary was aghast, yet Obama repsonded 'no problem'... the rest is history)
  • Viviano obtained a memo from Donna Brazile from 2004 saying they had 'predetermined' Barack Obama to be the candidate for 2008 (and thus his speech at the '04 DNC).
  •  2008 Obama tactics included almost every form of voter fraud imaginable... yet 2012 will be far, far worse.

A number of Hillary delegates -particularly blacks- reported being threatened right at the Democratic National Convention in Denver if they didn't switch their support from to Obama, and quick... while bad things happened to some of those who didn't, i.e. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.

Sound familiar? Yep, this last bit sounds like the underhanded tactics recently implemented by "nice guy" Rick Santorum to peel-off Gingrich delegates in Tennessee, just without the violent threats (same as he did in 2006 Pennsylvania, doncha know).

More background/story/audio at PolitJim's Rants...


republicanmother said...

I know that there was a meeting with Hillary and Obama that the press was deflected from in the 2008 campaign. And if you look how Obama went from nowhere to Illinois senator, and you look at the high profile donations he got in a state race, you'd see that he was prechosen.

However, one Gingrich delegate I know of plans to go for Rick without any coercion. But I think Rick Santorum is about as snaky as they come.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Be ever vigilant!

Reaganite Republican said...

What I remember is being surprised that Hillary so suddenly threw in the towel

What Viviano is saying would go some ways towards explaning that... as well as the body count

Anonymous said...

i have forwarded a link to their site to all my leftist friends and family.

this doc has been in the making for a while and i had forgotten about it. good to know it's still in the works. thanks rr!


Reaganite Republican said...

My pleasure- and duty as a patriot

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