20 March 2012

Team Obama and Prog Left Allies Scheming to 'Overwhelm the System' with Bewildering Level of Voter Fraud/Intimidation in the Fall

If you think '08 was bad... you ain't seen nothin' yet

Anybody who's ever read-up on Alinsky and the Cloward-Piven strategy can tell you that most of the techniques for attacking the establishment involves 'overwhelming' public facilities, government institutions, and financial systems in order to bring bring them to a grinding halt. They then aim to get what they want through blackmail and/or a collapse of the target, inflicting wholesale changes upon the current status quo via civil disruption/force. 

With a shaky, state-by-state patchwork being all there is to protect the sanctity of the democratic process in this country (and the SEIU handling the ballots!) it shouldn't take much overwhelming then to completely paralyze feeble official efforts to combat the growing plague of fallacious voting... and that's just what Larry 'Captain Comb-over' Axelrod is thinking, too.  Yes, even a single case of ballot fraud is a felony -a federal crime- in America, but with the fox guarding the henhouse, don't expect any help from the Justice Department this year- Holder's past actions have made that obvious enough.

How else to explain an unpopular president making no move towards the center whatsoever while unemployment and gas prices -the primary sources of '12 voter angst- continue to climb? In fact, the Left is downright cocky about his reelection chances, even as Obama scoots relentlessly to the left, further-and-further from how normal Americans think and live
(when he was already out-there-where-the-buses-don't-run).

The weak and bickering GOP field does not offer sufficient explanation, imho: clearly, Obama thinks he's been pre-ordained yet again. When you're talking about a guy that's had every election he's ever faced handed to him on a sliver platter by a brutish political machine... it's hard to question the assumption.

And I do fear that Obama is right, because the 2012 presidential election will bring us the MOTHER of All Electoral Frauds, one for which the GOP appears wholly unprepared (apparently learning nothing from the dirty tricks of 2010's trail-run).

It all starts with money, and of course Dear Leader's been going all-out on fundraising while the Republicans go broke fighting each other. It's long been rumored that Team Obama is planning to launch a $1 billion campaign, most of it negative... that's 50% more than 2008's record binge. What portion of this money mountain would actually be legitimate is anyone's guess.

So although it now seems the Bolshevik Boy-Wonder is falling short of that pace, something tells me he'll make it up in the end: reported sources (Soroses?) last time were dubious at best- a quarter of 2008's donations came though a single California bank(!) Now watch Obama's fundraising ramp-up 'expectantly' at the end, while keeping in-mind 2008's rumored $300M in secret, undeclared campaign funds.

Whatever war-chest he does manage to assemble, the coming campaign will surely consist of harsh, blaring, and factually-challenged propaganda designed to take the topic off O'bumbles towering incompetence and radical agenda by going on the political -and personal- offensive. Most expect an ugly, negative war-of-attrition... with character assassination the likes of which we've never seen before. In my view, either Romney or Santorum will wither under the coming fusillade- only a Gingrich or Palin had a chance of enduring the 'progressive' gauntlet.

But that's not the half of it: there will also be money utilized to co-opt precinct chairmen, hire mobs-of-slobs to flood polling stations with 'Bugs Bunny' ballots, registration of dead people, etc... these kind of ACORN-esque shenanigans are expected to run rampant this year.

Once the illegal campaign money is spent on illegal bribes of campaign officials, they will commence myriad other illegal activities such as ballot stuffing, 'losing' boxes, forging false tallies etc,. Computer hackers are also to be deployed, who will be having a field-day with electronic voting machines with little fear of repercussion: local election officials -assuming they wanted to- have little capability for investigating computer crimes of this sort, and who's going to help them... the government?.

And it gets a lot worse- a lot worse: even Democratic primary districts that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008 had their declared preference come to naught as Nancy Pelosi bypassed voters entirely when she reportedly bribed some key delegates to vote for Obama anyway, i.e. Gabrielle Giffords... against the will of the electorate, and to the tune of a quarter-million dollars.

Finally, voters can look forward to the threat of physical violence, delivered via union palookas and/or (rabid) Black Panther thugs packing nightsticks: as 2012 brings us to the most vital of US presidential elections, the racist, pseudo-paramilitary New Black Panthers -given what amounts to a green light by Eric Holder to run hog-wild (and in whom I see no difference from the KKK whatsoever)- have been busy opening a new district offices (bases?) recently. 

Interesting timing... just why do you think that is, honky?

With America now teetering on the edge of tyranny -and FEMA concentration camps in expansion mode- the Department of Homeland Security ordered-up 450 millions rounds of .40 caliber ammo this week, 18 rounds for each and every Republican...
is it all coming together for you now?

We need some fresh ideas and unity on the Right to fight this coming onslaught, my friends... the size and scope of which seems something beyond 'overwhelming'- that's all I know. But the stakes are enormous, I hope you're all planning on bringing a cell phone/camera to the polls... 


Amusing Bunni said...

It's starting already, I saw all sorts of unsavory characters like the ones in your cartoon pacing right in front of my polling place. I pretended I was for their side. Scumbags, well for what it's worth, I did my part.

Reaganite Republican said...

Right on Bunny... hopping right through the gauntlet!

Seriously tho, this is gonna be UGLY

Anonymous said...

I am a Veteran, I will NOT be denied.
I am an American, I will not be denied.
I am a Free person, I will not be denied.
I am a VOTER, I will NOT BE DENIED !!!!
I may be 60 yrs old, but I still can pound the snot out of ANYONE who thinks they will.can stop me from casting MY vote !!!!!

Reaganite Republican said...

God Bless You, patriot

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I can take ten draft dodgers with me when I go.

Volunteer to work the polling places.

Trestin said...

I'm worried about the voting machines being hacked.

Alessandro Machi said...

The biggest problem facing the republican leadership is their inability to truly embrace women. There have been three presidential female candidates since 2008 and the liberal media and the democratic higher ups have ridiculed all three.

The republicans seem to be fine with that.

Matt said...

W're going to have to record, and publicize as much of it as we can, because the MSM isn't going to touch it.

Wookiebush said...

Or we counter violence with the Police. If the Police refuse, then we counter with resistance of our own and when they escalate, retaliate.

Just remember, there are more of us than the thugs.

I had a friend of a friend that was an ATF agent. He has said that if his agency told him to go out and start collecting guns, he would retire immediately. Because those that have the guns are not going to give them up willingly without due process.


Reaganite Republican said...

I agree with you Trestin, my biggest fear is the hacking- seems easy do, leveraged/effective, and hard to catch the shady third parties involved in the actual crime

Agreed Matt, and great insight, Dubya

Anonymous said...

Republicans need to get off their high horses and learn how to fight rabble! Lee Atwater and Andrew Breitbart were the last fighters we had! Both are deceased. Read "Rules for Radicals" and change our techniques!

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