30 April 2012

Images from Dallas - Ft Worth Airport

There's a group of very special ladies in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area who make 'neck pillows' for soldiers coming through DFW airport. They head up there and meet the incoming planes every single week just to greet the soldiers who are returning home for a few weeks of R-n-R.

These patriotic Texas women give them a pillow, let the troops know that they pray for them, then thank them for their service. And one of these wonderful ladies took the following pictures... she noted that everyone was quite surprised to see George and Laura Bush suddenly standing quietly in the waiting area with others who come to meet the troop planes.... no hoopla, no show.  She also remarked that it was amazing to watch the faces of the soldiers light up in recognition when they spotted the Bushes, and that many came over to speak and shake their hands... Bush greeting troops

And tell me again the name of that disingenuous p.o.s in the White House that still badmouths this man at every available opportunity- what a schmuck

-h/t Speedunque-