01 May 2012

FBI Thwarts Anarchist Trash Planning to Blow-Up Cleveland-area Bridge

While visiting my family in Cleveland in 2008, the wife and I went hiking and birding in the scenic and historic Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where we did indeed spot some huge buzzard nests and even one full of Eagle hatchlings. What looks like a river in the photo above is actually the remnants of the
Ohio & Erie Canal, and the trail we took was once the canal's towpath- a classic bridge spanned the gap above the valley...

Yet for some reason this same Ohio Route 82 bridge was recently selected as a target by five violent #occupy-type anarchists who have been planning and buying explosives in order to demolish the bridge in a supreme show of May Day #occupy one-upmanship. The seedy Cleveland-area losers involved -who look like junkies and/or devil worshipers- were fortunately arrested last night by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force after brilliantly buying the explosives from an undercover agent.

So as the Obama Administration obsesses on controlling threats to their own power, -both real and imagined- this foiled stunt stands as a poignant reminder that there's plenty to worry about coming from the radical Left in this country... I just hope somebody in the FBI is paying them enough attention.

The Obama-endorsed #occupy movement is sure to spawn more disgruntled kooks looking to makes some sort of impression in the wake of their futile, unfocused protest movement... after throwing condoms at schoolkids, pooping on police cars, and raping fellow protesters... why would anybody be surprised now that they'd like to start blowing things up?