11 May 2012

To Heaven... and Back

If Steve Jobs' "Oh, wow... oh WOW!" wasn't enough for you...
post death experience
Now we've got another sane, intelligent, sensible, only vaguely religious person giving us a peek of life on the other side... 
and boy is she ever convincing:
I felt no pain... I was struggling (drowning in a kayak)... at that point, I really did give-up my spirit over to God.

I immediately experienced complete and absolute peace... calm... I had no pain, I felt great.  And I was being held, and comforted, and re-assured as then my body was sucked-out of the boat (into the water) and my spirit peeled-away from my body.

I was joyously-greeted by this host of other people or spirits,  -whatever you want to call them- I had known them for an eternity, and they knew me. And they were so happy, and they did take me along this path to -not a bright light- but this brilliant, beautiful hall of sorts... like a giant, domed entrance hall.

... this hall was brilliantly glowing with such intense love... it was God's love.

Well, I won't say that I would hasten it... but I can hardly wait to go back!

I am not only not afraid to die, but I know that there really is life after death... that God really does love us... has a plan for us... and works for us in our lives.

I was sent back with a number of mandates... one of which was to share my story.

So do your favorite agnostic a favor... send them this video 
so they'll know what to expect... 
unless the initials are BHO, that is.