27 June 2012

Biased, Incompetent CNN's Ratings TANK . . .
to a 21-YEAR LOW

Time-Warner learning credibility is a precious, frail thing

In the wake of it's worst primetime month in 20 years, CNN is taking an ever harder hit to it's once-towering prestige... it's lowest-rated quarter in primetime since 1991(!)...

For Q2 2012 the floundering network scared-off viewers by the score as the vital 25-54 demographic crashed and all primetime programs posted steep declines. CNN averaged 446,000 total viewers and 129,000 in that all-important (to advertisers) 25-54 group in primetime. Compared to last year, that’s down 35% and 41% respectively. 

For purposes of comparison, for Q2 2012 Fox scored 1.79M viewers in primetime, down 1% as all TV networks face stiff competition from a booming new media.

As for other discredited Obammunist propaganda organs, MSNBC was down 13% in total primetime viewers and down 17% in the 25-54.

Even supposed flagship CNN shows had viewers running-away like the building was on fire: Wolf Blitzer’s The Situation Room, (4-6 PM Eastern), was down 42% in 25-54 and 26% in total viewers.

Inexplicably, that flailing show is now expanding to a full 3 hrs starting this Friday, as Blitzer attempts to fill the open hour following his slot left by the recent cancellation of John King's
U.S.A., itself a ratings black-hole...

Exhibit A: