06 July 2012

Anybody Else Out There Feeling Their Intelligence Insulted By Obama's Condescending Yokel-Speak?

Of the first times I forced myself to endure Barack Obama speeches in late 2007, I was immediately struck by how the Chicago charlatan changed tone and accent in the most obvious way when speaking to different crowds. It's actually what set off the first red flags for me... seemed like a dishonest used car salesman, and I remember thinking "what a fake- I can't believe people are willing to fall for this schlock!".

In front of a Harvard crowd, he embedded 'big' words to flaunt his intellectual prowess... yet somehow it reminded me of OJ Simpson (when he tries to sound intelligent) or 'Anton' the homeless guy on In Living Color

Speaking in a black church, Obama flipped-the-switch instantly, affecting a 'black preacher' tone... one surely glommed from his 20-some years sitting in Reverend Wright's pew.

But the one that really takes the cake is how he talks-down to middle-America: speaking yesterday and today in Ohio was a textbook example of the approach: first off, Obama always goes into the value of traditonal American 'beliefs' and 'morals' which he doesn't personally have any respect for, i.e. opportunity and individualism... because Axelrod told him we'll just eat that up.

Yet the most annoying habit of all is how he thinks it's endearing to drop g's in speeches to crowds in flyover-country: today in Poland, Ohio, President Obama told us how he was grillin' with soldiers yesterday... how Americans are willin' to work, given the chance.

And while he's busy givin' 'folks' that opportunity, he does that while knowin' how tough it is out there for all us plebes. Rest assured though, he and his crack staff are still workin' on it...

Funny, I'm a born-and-raised Ohio boy myself... and I don't talk anything like that. Neither do people in Parma, Poland, nor any other place I've ever been in the great Buckeye state.

What a monumental jerk you'd have to be to think I -or any other sensible American- could be won-over by wrapping of standard Obammunist tripe in such superficial candy-coating. 

How 'bout if Romney showed up in Detroit for a speech and broke right-into 'Yo yo yo, Mitt-Dog IN THE HOOOOUUUUSE!'...?

Stuff it, Barack Obama, and take your mass-impersonations
with you... what an oily reptile you truly are. yokel

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