06 July 2012

Black Unemployment Rate Tops 14.4%!

The glaringly incompetent Obama regime has 
turned-out to be Black America's worst enemy...

'History is going to say that the 
black middle class was decimated.'

Seems the flexible Chicago Machine template for exploiting the minority vote -where Obama/Jarrett/Rezko profited from government projects while South Side blacks they promised new apartments got crumbling, unsafe slums instead- was (predictably) scaled-up to the national level for Obamanomics: over-promise, under-deliver, and take real good care of all your fellow racketeers in the process. black unemployment rate

Meanwhile nothing of value has been created by massive government largess such as the Porkulus bill, and the numbers continue to make that hard to deny. But some cities in this country would be delighted to have their black unemployment rate dip to 14%... don't listen to me, read-all-about-it on the
AFL-CIO's own website:

African-American workers’ jobless rate in 2011 hovered between 9.7 percent and 22.6 percent in 19 major metropolitan areas, according to new data from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). Overall, the black unemployment rate was two to three times as high as that of whites. 

EPI also found that the 2011 unemployment rate among Latino workers was higher than 10 percent in 17 of 25 metro areas. Fifteen of the 19 metropolitan areas EPI examined had black unemployment rates below 20 percent but above 10 percent in 2011. Of these 15 areas, Chicago and Detroit had the highest African American unemployment rates, at 19.1 percent and 18.1 percent, respectively.

Of course they go on to suggest the solution is 'more stimulus' in these urban areas... presumably because we need to go big...
a trillion's just chump change these days, right Mr Trumka?

Back in reality, Dear Leader has blown a serious amount of the next two generation's money on would-be economic stimuli, myriad bailouts, and other misguided sprees while crony-capitalist political backers like GE under White House Advisor Jeffrey Immelt are doing just great. Sadly, impressionable sorts who pinned their future on hopenchange find themselves facing-down massive unemployment while hanging by a thread economically. 

The fact of the matter is, when the so-called 'Stimulus' bill was being sold to us, Obama promised us a 5.6% national unemployment rate by this point in time, yet it's now stuck at 8.2%:

Obama has indeed succeeded in transforming a large section of the US middle class into entitlement-addicted serfs with no home equity and little optimism... just the way he likes 'em. But it's American blacks who have really been taking the brunt of it... and it appears that for the first time in his cosseted, auto-pilot political career, Barack Obama might be held responsible for actual results- and they are crap.

Tell me again black leaders, why do African-Americans need to vote for Obama? To sacrifice they and their family's current and future well-being in the name of creating an ugly racial divide for the Dems to exploit ad infinitum? 

Hopefully many of the 95+% of black folks who voted for Obama in '08 will finally come to realize that if you blindly back a politician based on his skin color without any real due diligence or balanced consideration of alternatives, all you do is set yourself up to be used: they tell you what you want to hear and you're putty in their hands. And don't expect any gratitude from these populist con-artists, either- that ain't how the Chicago Machine works.

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