18 July 2012

Dick Morris: Obama to Sign UN Gun-Grab Treaty and RAM IT DOWN OUR THROATS

But the Senate will never ratify, you say?

Guess what, they don't need to...

Speaking on Fox and Friends this morning, Dick Morris explained that when the US signs such an international treaty, the nation is bound (by the 1969 Vienna Convention) until the Senate rejects it or the President renounces it. In just nine days from now, the terms of this treaty will be finalized.

Morris went on to say that this heinous agreement -which would in-affect repeal the the Second Amendment and deny us all of the divine right to self-defense- will likely be signed by Obama... then Harry Reid will simply never bring it up for a vote, keeping the ATT treaty in-effect.

Then, if Dear Leader actually manages to win a second term and continues with his ongoing date-rape of this country, he will of course never renounce it, either... meaning we're stuck with it for a minimum of 4.5 years, in which time they'd be able to assault your Second Amendment gun rights relentlessly... a fait acompli

What to do?

Sign this petition, which can be loosely summarized as 
"From My Cold, Dead Hands!"... -here-   UN Gun-Grab Treaty

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