18 July 2012

Of Krazy Kimberlin Krap

Everyone in the Conservative blogosphere knows more about Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser and SWATing than I come close to knowing. By the time I got back to the computer after my neck injury, my eyes glazed over as I tried to sort it out.

 Yesterday, something truly disgusting happened to my friend, Karen at The Lonely Conservative, and added to many antics even more disgusting than yesterday’s, I need to lead readers to some of these stories, because you must know what liberals are capable of.

Karen began having problems not long after she won the #1 spot in the 'Top 25 Political Moms' contest. Don’t you know that ticked-off those Liberal women big-time? 

Other great conservative bloggers: Stacy McCain, Patrick Frey at Patterico and Aaron Walker at Allergic to Bull have been beseiged with very serious attacks. So I want to give you a flavor of what’s happening and I’ll begin with Karen, right after the Top 25 Political Moms win:

(Shocking) details here...

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