30 July 2012

Oh Lordy: Raid on Bin Laden Compound Cancelled THREE TIMES on the 'Advice' of Utterly Clueless Valerie Jarrett(!)

That's right- same Valerie Jarrett that 
can't even run an apartment complex

Born-in-Iran Valerie Jarrett is known as 'the brains behind Obama' and has long been Barry's -as well as wife Michelle's- most trusted confidant. Today as Senior White House Adviser, Jarrett's probably the most powerful woman in the world...

So it's a surprise -while it's not- that this military know-nothing had the power/arrogance/lack-of-personal-limitations-awareness to put the kaibosh on three golden opportunities (Jan/Feb/Mar 2011) presented by the Pentagon to catch Osama Bin Laden prior to the date when the Navy SEAL operation was eventually carried-out: May 2, 2011. 

The source of these startling revelations is an about-to-be-released book The Daily Caller got an early peek at:
'Leading from Behind:
The Reluctant President and the Advisers Who Decide For Him. Written by NYT best-selling author Richard Miniter- , it seems set to make it known that lo-and-behold Obama is exactly the dithering, indecisive putz us right-wing-nuts have been saying he is all-along... how bout that.

delayed, Bin Laden Raid was cancelled,
Typical of the BS that so-often emanates from this noxious regime, yet a fourth cancellation -just the day before the May 2011 raid- was blamed (officially) on 'bad weather'- when a little bit of research reveals ideal conditions in Abbottabad... maybe they felt silly writing 'Val says no again'-- I know I would.

As a result, Mr Miniter says of the Bin Laden raid, viewed in the whole as we know it now:

"Barack Obama's 'greatest success'
is actually his greatest failure..."

This- and the ghastly Huma Abedin/Muslim Brotherhood scandal- ought to have Obama just seeing Mittens' tailights getting smaller now, or so you'd think- he's already eating Romney's dust.