31 July 2012

Remember When Nancy Pelosi and
Obammunist Drones in The Senate Said
Obamacare Would 'Save Us Billion$?'

How's that workin-out

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The Congressional Budget Office never did quite buy-into the Obamacare 'savings' spiel; their far-more sober assessment after 'finding out what's in it' produced a federal cost estimate of $944B for the decade (2010-2019).  

Yet last week Forbes took a fresh look at the CBO's lastest and found forecasts in a clear uptrend over the last two years, so much so that Obamacare's total decade cost now stands at an eye-watering $1.856 TRILLION, with over $1.3B of that deficit spending, not-at-all paid-for yet. Although the costs have already doubled, the article made it abundantly clear that most of this can still get far, far worse.

It's A TAX

Instead of anything resembling the Democrats' hollow propaganda of 2009/10 we get tax hikes of over $500B... apparently in upside-down Barack's Bizarro World this is 'saving' you money. And even that isn't gonna cut it when you've legislated $1.86 TRILLION in new spending: without towering tax-hikes on everything that moves Obamacare will add more than a TRILLION DOLLARS to our already-grotesquely-bloated national debt... and that's the best-case scenario!

More charts -here-, it's shocking how the cost estimates have soared from 2010-2012... was the reality of the situation suppressed until after November 2010's mid-terms?

Also note that we gave Dear Leader another Trillion for a 'stimulus' bill that he said would have unemployment down in the fives by now, yet after a three-year-spending orgy Obama and his party sneer at any who dare ask them to work from a budget.

Instead of 'save us Billions' we got 'cost us Trillions'- along with vastly expanded government, more debt, and an unmanageable entitlements nightmare- meanwhile, NOTHING was improved.

Just who are these reckless imbeciles still planning to give Barack Obama another four years to finish-off what's left of this country- can't imagine what the thought process would be there.

Tell every voter you know to vote the straight GOP ticket this November so we can deep-six this monstrosity and replace it with sensible, market-based reforms that cost little: