01 August 2012

Coming Soon to a Coal-Fired Power Grid Near You: 'Chevy Volt Village'

'Naturally', Obama's helping to pay for it


The dangerous, unloved, taxpayer-subsidized debacle of a 'green' experiment known as the Chevy Volt is now being featured as the centerpiece of still more taxpayer-subsidized, anti-free-enterprise enviromento-social engineering: a low energy residential project touted as a new kind of 'Smart Community'.

'Pecan Street' is a project in Austin, Texas, and known unofficially as 'Chevy Volt Village' at GM and the US Energy Department, which now chipped-in $10.4M in taxpayer money in-addition to all the bailouts, grants, $7500-per-customer government retail subsidies and Soviet-style central-planning that made Government Motors' overpriced, plug-in-P.O.S. possible in the first place.

GM is calling the 700-acre Texas community 'the largest concentration of Chevy Volts in the world'- I guess they're not counting the 6000 unsold ones sitting in some gravel parking lot in Detroit (!)  Perhaps this fleet-like sale can help them clear some of those out before the lot-rot sets in... all colors available for immediate delivery lol

I humbly offer Dear Leader some alternative proposals
Chevy Volt Village:

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Maybe they could just power them with the
windmillsthen... that ought to settle it