02 August 2012

KNOW YOUR ENEMY: North Korea's Pyongyang Traffic Girls !

Noted by westerners who have actually visited the DPRK as 'the only thing worth looking at in North Korea', Pyongyang traffic girls consider it a 'great honor' to be selected for the specialty traffic-police assignment. They must go through an extensive interview and training process, but those chosen get crisp uniforms plus plenty of fresh air (not many cars) and exercise.

Sure beats working in a tank-shell factory, and the job brings status/additional privileges -i.e. allowed/encouraged to wear cosmetics. Since mostly only KWP hacks get to drive in Pyongyang (women are banned, ala Saudi Arabia), the gals may even meet a well-connected husband out there in 'the circle'.

These attractive young women basically replaced electric traffic signals throughout the North Korean capital over the last 30 years -due to frequent power outages- and legend has it that in his day Dear Leader designed the uniforms (and chose the girls) himself- hope that didn't include the casting couch, poor things:

Modern podium/umbrellas recently deployed

I'm pretty sure the skirt was 'shopped lol

Still from 1980's 'traffic girl' propaganda film

Alas, rumors out of North Korea say that Pyongyang traffic girls are slowly being phased out now, as the Norks have begun to install a new, low-power LCD traffic signal system they think they can find the juice for... until 11pm, anyway.

Pyongyang traffic girls