09 July 2012

San Fran Sicko Offers Window On
America's 'Progressive' Future

Once one of the most beautiful cities in America, San Francisco is now a bastion of 'progressive' lunacy: the law is basically ignored, the homeless are encouraged to camp-out... convicted felons are given jobs over honest citizens... our military is hated and disrespected... and droves of gay activists walk the streets stark-naked.

Public decency laws, federal immigration laws, and plain common-decency have been replaced by a city that no longer respects itself, or others...

And if the 'progressives' have their way-
the whole country will look just this nuts.

So if you want to be offended, disrespected, and insulted,
plan a vacation to San Fran Sicko... and meet
the real world of progressives!

Travel hint: you may want to consider
bringing-along some disinfectant wipes

There are consequences to not standing-up 
to irresponsible behavior... 

Don't let this happen to your community- vote wisely: 
your family's future depends upon it!

San Fran Sicko
h/t Speedunque

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