09 July 2012

Send O'Bumbles to Park Ranger School

By this point it's no secret that the up-to-no-good Obama administration has already got an all-time record number of people (over 45 million!) hooked of food stamps as the bloated program morphs from a safety net into a permanent middle-class entitlement.  This one single program is set to cost the federal government $770 billion over the next decade, while the annual outlay is up 100% under the current administration.

Alas, that's not enough dependency for this vile, scheming regime: this month they're running radio ads -funded with your tax dollars- that aggressively encourage even more people to sign up ('they make you look great!') while Obama's USDA recommends food stamp parties that 'Make it fun by having activities, games, food, and entertainment!' 

Then there's the National Park Service, who encourage us to 'not feed the animals'... not only because they will be become hopelessly dependent on handouts, but the unecessarily spoiled critters can get very nasty and aggressive once you run out of food to give 'em.

That completes today's lesson...

Wall St Journal   Say Anything   NPS   h/t Roberto