13 August 2012

George Soros' 28-y.o. Ex-Girlfriend Accuses
Spooky Dude of 'Harassment, Violence,
and Emotional Torture'

Former Brazilian soap-opera star also charges he 
reneged on a real estate agreement, is suing for $50M

Adriana Ferreyr

A Dr. Evil-esque megalomaniac control-freak raised in Nazi-dominated Hungary by closeted Jewish parents speaking to him in Esperanto dates a gal 52-years his junior (to provide respite from long hours trying to take over the world) and it turns out to be a relationship-from-hell... wholdathunkit?

Now-Columbia University student Adriana Ferreyr claims that Soros never got her a birthday present for the first three years they were together then heartlessly dumped her after five, whispering in her ear (while in bed) that he was giving her apartment to his new girlfriend (now fiancee') Tamika Bolton (classy!)

The resulting dispute involved her being slapped  across the face while still in bed, with Soros first attempting to choke her, then trying to bean the Brazilian actress over the head with a glass lamp (!). 

Injuries incurred from the flailing old fossil included a cut from the broken lamp that required three stitches to her foot. Indeed, police records show Ferreyr did place a 911 call that evening, yet no charges where filed at the time.

Of course Soros' attorney says that 'the charges are entirely without merit', and it's just about a woman he had a 'non-exclusive' relationship with trying to get at his money. Perhaps that has some truth to it, but consider that Adriana Ferreyr is a worth $14.5M herself, it's not like she's desperate or was ever even supported by him... Adriana Ferreyr

I imagine relationships can be a bit on the 'lively' side down Rio way, but Soros' pent-up, raging anger was probably even too much for a Brazillian gal- no matter how much dough that
grizzled reptile's got. Try dating a normal human being next time, honey