13 August 2012

Paul Ryan Medicare Plan Clearly Explained by the Stunning Michelle Fields

Forget all the demagoguery out there 
on the Left and check this out...

"No changes go into effect until 2028."

"Nobody over the age of 55 will be affected by this plan"

"Individuals will have the ability to look at a list of coverage plans -which also includes the traditional Medicare option- and they can decide for themselves what best fits their needs"

"It empowers the individual, but also forces the businesses to compete for customers... when you have competition,
price goes down/quality goes up."

"Medicare right now is failing, it's going to be falling apart- something needs to be done, and Ryan's actually putting-forth a plan -and actually has a governing blueprint- that nobody else in Washington DC has offered the American people"

"If anything, this is energizing the Republican base and conservatives: if you look at 24 hrs after Romney announced Paul Ryan as VP, 3.5M dollars were raised."

"There's tons of choice... and that's what America's all about"

Michelle Fields at The Daily Caller

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