27 August 2012

'Something Pretty Gingantic' STILL Coming in Vegas Scandal as Reckless Prince Harry Gets Offered $10M to Do Porn Film, is Dumped by 'Humiliated' Model Girlfriend

Just keeps getting better for Buckingham Palace... what an idiot this kid is: the queen caps an incredible 60+ year reign with super-impressive Jubilee celebrations, then the British Olympic team brings her the best UK performance in almost a century 
-right in London- so then Harry goes and does this to the poor thing (when she was his age she was touring bomb shelters!) 

But what else now, too? Sources close to the situation are saying there are major revelations from the Vegas debacle still yet to come... something apparently far worse than a few drunken strip-billiards pics:

According to a source, the Prince Harry scandal could get much worse. 'Something pretty gigantic' is involved, the source said, something more serious than strip billiards at one of Wynn's properties.

Wynn, who has been vacationing in St-Tropez, reportedly comped all of Prince Harry's expenses, according to London's Daily Mail, including the now infamous suite where a racy game of pool turned into an embarrassing security breach for the royal palace, and something more.

'Humiliated' by pics of Harry -including one getting butt-snuggly with an equally naked chick he barely knew, the wayward prince's hot model/actress girlfriend back in London -Cressida Bonas- has already dumped him -an heir to the English throne- as the status and opportunity inherent in dating a royal apparently wasn't worth the King-Size embarrassment that so-often comes with this one.

In an attempt to cover his tracks, the fun-loving Harry reportedly just deleted a twitter account he's been using under the pseudonym 'Spike Wells'- one for buddies and insiders only, and surely not helpful out there in the public domain right now.

Alas, while his Uncle Andy might have brought some degree of shame on the Palace for dating blue-movie 'star' Koo Stark in the 80s, Prince Harry has surely established a new low for royal dignity, as now he's being asked if he'd like to do some dirty movies himself (!) Better bounce that one off the Queen first, skippy.

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