28 August 2012

State of Israel/IDF Ruled Innocent in 2003
Bulldozer-Flattening of American Activist

Saint Pancake

The widely publicized death-by-IDF-bulldozer of American activist Rachel Corrie in 2003 has been found to be accidental by a Haifa court in a verdict read early this morning. The civil lawsuit had been brought by Corrie's damages-seeking family, yet the judge found 'no mistakes' in the way the IDF had conducted it's activities in Gaza that day.

The Corries had accused the Jewish state and Israeli military of intentionally and unlawfully killing their daughter, then failing to conduct 'a full and credible investigation'. But it's hard to not see financial opportunism in the case, considering that they also went after the bulldozer-maker Caterpillar (unsuccessfully). Seems the Olympia, Washington based family has now spent all their money on legal fees and got just what they deserve- nothing.

The foolhardy 23-yo activist was the Gazan town of Rafah on March 16th, 2003 along with others from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a pro-Palestinian/anti-Israeli leftist group. In a stunt fit for the Darwin Awards, they decided to act as 'human shields' in an attempt at preventing the IDF from demolishing Palestinian homes used for military attacks against the Jewish state. Rachel Corrie 'wasn't even seen' by the bulldozer operator when a wall of debris fell on the 23-year-old American, killing her instantly.

Today's finding squares with the original IDF investigation of nine years ago, which concluded its forces were not to blame, as the the area was being used by militants- the protesters should not have been in what they knew was a closed military zone

Of course, Rachel Corrie has been made a 'martyr' of the Palestinian cause by the international left and other ignorant tools that get themselves involved in things they actually know little or nothing about. A lousy play based on Ms Corrie's writings has toured internationally, and ship used to supply Hamas terrorists has been named after her- all she had to do for it was throw her life away for a hopeless cause.

Careful out there, hippies!

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