03 September 2012

North Carolina -a State with NO Voter ID Law- Found to Have 30,000 Dead People Still Registered to Vote

So how much will Romney/Ryan have to win by 
to overcome the daunting, entrenched fraud factor...?

Just in time for the untold glory of the pending DNC convention is Charlotte, a citizens' voter-integrity group out of Raleigh has found over 30K deceased persons still registered to vote in the state. Since North Carolina has no voter ID law, anybody can come in and vote in one of these dead Tar Heel's names- and there's zero apparatus in-place to challenge them. Plainly, vanloads of liberal ne'er do wells with a zombie-voter list could easily be carted from polling station to polling station all day long voting us all four more years of hopenchange.

If you're seriously considering the MSM's narrative of how there's 'no problem' and the issue is being overblown by the right, I've got news for you: another recent study found 160 US counties had more people registered to vote than actual, live eligible voters still 'above ground': one county (in Illinois, unsurprisingly) had over 500% more registered voters than qualified persons in existence (!)... numerous others where found to be in a similar state of corruption.

Yet despite the obvious problem and large majorities of voters in favor of common-sense voter ID legislation, federal judges continue to strike-down such laws, so expect the worst this fall from organized-electoral-crime organizations such as ACORN as this vile regime goes through it's final death-throes.

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