05 September 2012

Sense-of-Entitlement Run Amok!
82-Year-Old Lady with a Rap Sheet
as Long as Your Arm
Busted for Umpteenth Time,
Insufficient Welfare Largess

'I wouldn't do all this nonsense 
if the government gave us more money'

Hopenchange + Don King = this?

There's clearly something wrong with 82-y.o. klepto/Angelino Doris Thompson: first off, she's got a 20-page criminal record dating back to the Eisenhower era, primarily due to the fact that nothing else seems to interest her nearly as much as stealing money. Alas -since she's not particularly clever- Thompson displays a consistent propensity to get caught. She also seems to be missing the guilt chromosome, and mistakenly believes
-like so many other losers these days- that the world owes her a living.

The malicious old bag hadn't been in trouble since she was last collared a couple years back for robbing a childrens' hospital. This time she hid in the public restrooms of various Torrance, California medical offices near closing time, waited for the people who actually earned the money to go home at the end of a hard day's work, then scoured the facility for hidden keys to the cash box/safe, etc- she's thought to have stolen $17,000 this way from at least seven different businesses.

Career criminal Thompson's been to state prison 9x and has at least 27 known aliases: she's been convicted of disturbing the peaceburglaryforgery, and grand theft throughout SoCal, and was also arrested in connection with a homicide in 1957 
(copped an insanity plea and was subsequently shipped-off to the happy home for a spell).

Because the cops are so used to having to deal with her, a Torrance PD detective easily recognized the bizarre Don King hairdo in surveillance video taken from recent crime scenes and Doris soon found herself yet again sitting on the cold, hard vinyl of a police car's back seat.

Thompson -who was just released on parole 10 mos. ago- reportedly told detectives at the previous sentencing that she 'wouldn't do all this nonsense if the government gave us more money'.

Considering that the devil made her do it, maybe Obammunist goofball Betty White could let this (typical) Dem stay at her place in Beverly Hills till Doris gets back on her feet, registered to vote, etc... what say you, Batty?

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