04 October 2012

Face-Plant Heard 'Round the World . . .

By now you've likely heard all about it, Barack Obama's crap-tastic debate performance last night in Colorado: the purportedly charming and talented orator of 2008 didn't even show up, and Dear Leader looked real, real wobbly (stoned...?). Romney meanwhile came loaded for freaking bear-

But don't take us clingers' word for it, the news has already reached Ole Blighty, and Brits were as gobsmacked by the Prez' hyper-weak performance as we Yanks (inc. most libs):
Daily Telegraph:

Last night was a good example of what happens when you take President Obama off an autocue. He falls to pieces. Obama’s performance during the first presidential debate was a mess. The subject was domestic policy – passing through economics, the debt, healthcare and the role of government. 

Through it all, the President looked distracted and tired, his eyes often drifting to the notes on the podium as if he might be sneakily answering texts. He directed his answers at the moderator, rather than his opponent, and only looked the camera in the eye a handful of times. 

Perhaps the goal was to appear statesmanlike, but the result was somewhere between bored and superior. His debating technique was no better. The President started and finished on the defensive,..

To revive the often made comparison with 1980 – perhaps Romney isn’t quite Ronald Reagan. But Barack Obama suddenly looks a lot more like Jimmy Carter.

Reno patriot goes there

And they even heard about it way-out on the Left Coast, how 'bout that: snap polls in California- a deep, dark midnight-blue state- show Romney trouncing Obama amongst likely voters asked their opinion of last night's disembowelment:

Even more importantly — particularly in what is considered a ‘Blue’ state, where not surprisingly significantly more Democrats watched the debate than Republicans — it was striking that 48% thought Romney was the clear winner. 

 That’s according to a KPIX-TV CBS 5 poll taken right after the debate, which found only 34% of Golden State debate watchers actually believed Obama won. Even in the San Francisco Bay Area, debate watchers saw Romney as a narrow winner, according to the poll which was conducted for CBS 5 by the firm SurveyUSA.

Pat Buchanan said on Greta last night 'I don't think Romney could have done a better job' and 'one of the best' he's ever even seen... and ole Pat's seen a few.

The ball was actually teed-up nice and high for Mitt, and he took a swing: with SO little media scrutiny, none of the issues and Obama fails have ever really been aired. And Mitt had fun putting Barry back on his heels, you could see it: THAT'S the glint in the eye of the beast of prey we've been waiting for!!!

Obviously, Obama’s had no experience having to defend anything he’s done or not done.... this is likely the first time in awhile he's even had to talk to someone who disagrees with him, least publicly (and for 90 mins- that's got to be tough on a narcissist). Now Ryan’s only concern is how easy to go on Plugs so he doesn't appear too mean kicking him around the ring lol.

And now lo-and-behold the RNC seems to have awoken, hitting hard with a new ad today... one that summarizes the dynamic of last night's showdown, entitled 'Smirk' (!): guess I'm not the only one who thought Obama came across like an arrogant prick:

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