05 October 2012

★Just Voted ROMNEY-RYAN, My Friends★

Straight GOP right down the ballot... 
from president to dog-catcher!

btw, voting absentee in a MAJOR battleground state, 
and damn proud to partake in the opening volley...

Hey Barry, that lil' debate spanky was 
just the beginning-  gonna to roll you to the curb!!!

That's not just bluster: although some Republicans grew skittish watching Obama outspend Romney by as much as 50% on the airwaves to this point, RNC/Romney/Rove PAC money has mostly been saved for an all-out advertising assault in the closing weeks of the campaign ($200M+).

While also many GOPers fret that Romney should have established a lead over such a lame candidate/record by now, note that most experts have concluded the electorate only offers up about 6-7% true swing vote... and that almost none of them make up their mind 'till the last few weeks

These people are not won by a marathon, but rather a sprint- therefore, Team Romney has always planned to spend heavily in Oct/Nov, and the contest has only just begun with no handicap/lead to either side (except the dinosaur media). That's the reality of the situation, and only the MSM, Euro-socialists, Iran/Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood, or Vladimir Putin would try to tell you that the US presidential race to be 'over' in favor of treasured useful-idiot Obama.

voted for Romney
Polls -many of which appear systematically biased to favor the President- still reveal that Romney has endured a withering character assassination efforts on TV rather well, and without responding in-kind... thus a daunting pro-Romney war-chest sits at-the-ready. In contrast, the other side has blown through substantial sums as they sought to reduce the campaign to a lying contest with almost 24/7 attack-ads in all key battleground states. They now have now been reduced to dubious spamming techniques to raise more money.

Dear Leader just had a new 'record month' of $150M in September, you say?

Oops, seems that inordinate -and timely- fund raising record is bringing the wrong kind of attention: a 'blockbuster' fund-raising scandal -one that could bring the wobbly Team Obama to it's knees- is apparently in the offing, and Breitbart said yesterday that the revelations could come as early as today (Friday Oct 5th). Reportedly the White House is attempting to block it, and some have even said that it's been weighing on Barry's mind-- thus the lousy debate performance (certainly more viable excuse than 'thin air').

The same sort of dubious fundraising was questioned at least briefly in 2008, as Team Obama obviously flouted rules requiring them to attempt 'in good faith' obtain ID/data on donors below $200. Last election we had 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Ben Dover' making Obama donations, as they took untraceable debit cards (used to evade limits or launder money) and overseas payees. Rumors abound that Soros-sized funds were chopped-up and sent via straw donors to Team Obama, and this new scandal possesses a similar stench.

But you know, I thought it was interesting how Rush took a different angle on Barry's face-plant in the CO debate: he thought Obama's weak performance wasn't so relevant to the outcome as the fact that Romney actually showed-up with and fought for a real conservative agenda. El Rushbo went so far as to say 'there's not a thing Obama coulda done.. not one!'

Limbaugh always said that at any level, the libs aren't able to counter true conservative principles in a debate, partially because don't even have the slightest understanding of what we're all about.  Therefore, they still don't know what hit 'em Wednesday night- and they probably never will...

If every elected Republican went about his day as Mitt Romney went about 90 minutes last night, every day in America could be last night.

There's no way that they can now run against Mitt Romney as stupid. There's no way all of these elitists, liberals -- thinking they're the smartest people in the room -- and their voters can run around and say that Mitt Romney's an idiot or he's a dumb hick like they could with Bush.

They can't call what happened last night extremism. 

They can't call what happened last night racism. 

They can't say that what happened last night was mean-spirited.

They can't say that what happened last night was bigoted.

They can't say that last night was homophobic.

They can't say that there was a War on Women last night.

Their entire campaign blew up in their faces last night.

Everything they used to make their case is actually nothing more than character assassination or personal assassination against Republicans, candidates, commentators, you name it.

And it was all blown up.

An independent or a moderate who doesn't listen to partisan media, radio, TV, talk shows, or whatever, but watched the debate last night? He or she only knows Mitt Romney by virtue of the TV ads he or she has seen... you understand their head's swimming last night trying to figure out, "What -- what -- what -- what -- what? Wait a minute now! Where's the War on Women? Where's this guy that wants to....?"

It wasn't there. Not for one second last night was Mitt Romney even close to the way he has been portrayed by the Democrats, the media, and Barack Obama for the past two years...

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