05 October 2012

HUGE, Ebullient 'Fire-Code' Crowd
Cheer Romney and Ryan in Virginia

MSNBC photo

There's definitely a fresh swagger in Mitt Romney's step after his pluperfect debate performance, but as the over-over-flow crowd that greeted he and his running mate in Fisherville VA will surely tell you, he's not the only one fired-up by that superb presentation of the conservative message at the University of Denver on Wednesday: 

Trace Atkins warmed 'em up in Fisherville, and the NRA bestowed their endorsement upon the GOP presidential ticket... then the big boys hit the stage.

And blogger/columnist Stacy McCain was on the scene first hand, once he fought his way on in, anyway:

Last night’s rally in Fisherville, Virginia, was so crowded, I couldn't even get inside with media credentials, and really was lucky to get there at all. 

When I turned off the ramp from I-81 onto I-64, I was confronted by an absolutely gridlocked traffic jam, backed up all the way to Exit 91, more than four miles away... I decided to park at the McDonald’s right next to the exit and walk the rest of the way. It was past 7 p.m. at that point, and I could hear the music playing in the distance – good news, as it meant that country music star Trace Adkins was still onstage and they hadn't started the speaking program yet. 

As I headed down the road to the venue, I found myself walking alongside some others who had parked their cars on the other side of the expressway. Nearing the rally, we encountered a crowd of thousands — yes, thousands — standing on a hillside across from the open-air arena, where a speaker for the National Rifle Association was talking about Second Amendment rights. 

I went up to the gate entrance and the cops said no admission, not even to the press, citing orders from the fire marshal. Another reporter was there, likewise shut out, and said he was waiting on someone with the campaign staff whom he’d contacted to try to get in, but he wasn’t hopeful...

More/video at Other McCain

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