20 October 2012

Hey Overseas Service Members/Expats, Still Waiting On Your Absentee Ballot...?

You're not the only one: perhaps some funny business going on with absentee ballots this cycle, even intentional foot-dragging... I know personally of instances where the regular ballot request was sent in 8 months ago, and still nothing- here on the eve of the most important election in US history.

But you certainly don't have to stand there and have your right to vote taken by those complicit with this vile regime... DO NOT let Obama steal this thing!

what patriots can do to vote NOW (for those of you who haven't received an overseas absentee ballot yet): go to the Overseas Vote Foundation, where one can vote online (or via FAX) and download a Pdf file of the completed Federal Absentee Ballot to send to election officials as hard-copy backup... it's as easy as that!

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