19 October 2012

'What We Are Witnessing is the
Collapse of the Obama Regime'

That's what Liz Cheney and Newt are saying...

At long-last, brought down by the sheer weight
of their ceaseless bungling and obliquity:

Team Obama -shifting gears frantically in desperation- has now taken down almost all of the negative advertising (that their whole campaign was based upon) in the wake of the second debate, replacing it with a 'positive' message focusing on the president's 'achievements' (lol)- what to make of this? 

That the American people have made up their own minds re. the Republican nominee, so relentless personal attacks on the
'evil rich guy' simply aren't working anymore- moreover,
Captain Combover knows it.

Still  -with #s like these- one should expect an even more underhanded, dirty strategy from Obama and his crew of Chicago lowlifes: Romney will likely face 'progressive' subterfuge and a political scorched-Earth campaign from these neo-Bolshevik trash and the MSM as they circle 'round the bowl...
it's hard to see Dear Leader enduring his pending
de-throning in any sort of dignified manner:

Gallup: Romney 52% - Obama 45 nationally

(Rove: 'no candidate has ever lost with numbers
like Romney has today')

A nationwide structural shift in the campaign has Romney surging in all twelve 'swing states' , not just 'key' ones
such as Florida.

Mitt's also now ahead in the electoral count for the first time in the race... to my memory Obama was beating him about 2-to-1 there just a couple months ago.

Then consider these polls taken in what 
used to be 'deep-blue' Dem states, 
ones even the GOP had written-off weeks ago...

Michigan: Romney 47 - Obama 49

Pennsylvania: Romney 49 - Obama 45

Any political pundit worth his salt will tell you that Independents always break towards the challenger- if they'd have been willing to keep Obama, they'd have said so by now. As Dick Morris put it, if you ask somebody if they think they'll be married to the same person in a year from now and they respond 'undecided', 
it doesn't bode well for the relationship, does it...?

Thus, an incumbent polling anything below 50% is in deep, deep trouble- i.e. Barry H. Obama.

Morris adds that states the Dems have long taken for granted -like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and even New Jersey- are all now in-play as most thinking Americans run-away from the rancid, imploding Obama Administration as fast as their little feet can carry them.

As stated here repeatedly, the election will not be close like 95% have been saying forever... instead, Romney is going to
CRUSH Obama, a blowout the likes of which we haven't seen since 1984.

Face it, libs... once you lose Beckel...

Oh, that old thing?  Doesn't work anymore
collapse of the Obama regime

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