26 October 2012

Obama Appears to Fear Defeat in Ohio,
Already Seeking Alternative Path to 270
Without Hyper-Vital Swing State

Rasmussen has the Buckeye State at 48-48... and it's an unmitigated disaster for any incumbent to be under fiddy at this point in the game, as late-stage undecided voters almost without exception break towards the challenger in presidential elections.

Obama's fading appeal in Ohio and Michigan has to this point been propped-up by the widespread misconception that 2009 auto bailouts 'saved' the auto industry, while Romney said he'd rather have 'let them go bankrupt'- he's been attacked by the Obama campaign relentlessly for it. 

The truth is they went bankrupt anyway, but with favored parties benefiting (illegally), and to the long-term detriment to the US automotive industry. What Mitt meant was that GM and Chrysler should have went BK by-the-book, and without government aid, thus losing the UAW influence that's put them in the hole they're still in thanks to Obama's skirting of BK laws and his handing a large chunk of shares to the UAW. Why didn't the government at least retain those shares, WE paid for the bailout?

Rather, the crippling, overpaid UAW remains, and with a FREE 20% of GM and a couple seats on the board, great. The bailout $ did nothing but prop-up the union, and they should have followed THE LAW and went through a Chapter 13 re-organization without all that taxpayer money (borrowed from China, where GM is stealthily moving to anyway). They'd still be producing cars today, and probably at a far greater profit level without $56/hour average salary and boundless legacy costs that got them in this mess in the first place.

News this week that favored Obama photo op Jeep might shutter it's Toledo, Ohio facility and move all production to China should bring some chills to those who still buy into Obama-as-savior meme, doncha know.

The GOP nominee is now going all-out in Ohio- and is well-positioned to put this race away nationally as polls still show a trend towards Romney

Does Axelrod already know it? A recent AP piece stated that -although confident re. the state-  'even if Obama loses Ohio, his campaign sees another pathway to the presidency by nailing New Hampshire, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado.'--- now why would they wanna go and say a thing like that?
National Review:

That the Obama camp is even talking about losing Ohio is a stunning turn of events. 

No wonder, then, that Romney seemed like the man who was winning last night. When he spoke, you thought 'energy in the executive.' 

When Obama spoke, the words that came to mind were 'fatigue,' 'apathy,' 'frustration.” In his closing statement the president was clearly rattled, lamely reciting talking points we’ve heard too often before, not even pretending to care about what he was saying — simply wanting it to be over. It was as though a light had gone out. 

Was he disconcerted by the smoothness of Romney’s performance? Or is his campaign’s internal polling in Ohio less pretty than his people are letting on?

Outside of the dull, predictable false-bravado we've come to expect from Team Obama, a mainstream media that used to simply lay-down at Obama's every whim now has gone all-out, their dress pulled right-up-over their head... but hard to call it 'prostitution' when they're giving it away every night for free.

As for the residual rump of hopenchange, RS McCain at American Spectator is having a hard time feeling much empathy anymore for those who can't or won't see the damage they've wrought with their unrepentant, blind loyalty to this regime:
American Spectator (McCain):

But it is a rare thing these days to encounter a Democrat who is both honest and intelligent. 

It has become a party of fools misled by clever liars, and the factual deficiencies of The Plan won't dissuade any Democrat who still believes in the rainbows-and-unicorns fantasy of Obama the Lightworker. 

We've come to expect such delusions among the intelligentsia. What is astonishing is that any ordinary man could still be such a fool.

Update: now (formerly) deep-blue WISCONSIN is tied too...