30 October 2012

Obama Poised to Inflict Draconian
-Even Bizarre- EPA 'Green' Regulations if We're Dumb Enough to Re-Elect Him

If we've learned anything about the current POTUS, it's that he's incredibly stubborn, displays an unsettling tendency towards zealotry and is unable/unwilling to learn from past mistakes. Since -like most libs- he's so self-assured of the Left's intellectual superiority, failures couldn't possibly be his fault- Barry's just doing what his wisers -i.e. Uncle Frank and 'Marxist professors'- taught him. Who cares about historical precedent, a void of logic/proof, or consistently lackluster results when you already know you're right? It's so easy.

Undeterred by myriad 'green' debacles -from Solyndra to Chevy Volts- Obama and his out-there EPA will continue to press-ahead. Some select quotes re. his extreme, legislature-skirting environmental agenda:


'Under my plan, electricity rates would... necessarily skyrocket'

' ...we would put a cap and trade system in place that is as aggressive, if not more aggressive, than anybody else’s out there.'

'So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that (cap-n-trade) will bankrupt them.'

Energy Secretary Steven Chu:

'Somehow,' Chu said, 'we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.'

Anybody not expecting an even more radical lurch to the left in an Obama 2nd term (Heaven forbid) hasn't been paying enough attention, because his response to failure, voter disapproval, or being proven factually incorrect tends to be a single-finger salute and diversion of blame while doubling-down on standard far-Left policies: political calculation is the only thing that prevents this one from doing whatever-he-damn-well-pleases every day.

The news that Obama has a whole new slew of unwanted, unneeded  and utterly misguided 'green' agenda regulations he's prevented his politicized, radicalized EPA from implementing just yet should come as a surprise to no-one: if he somehow manages to cling to power, they'll be inflicted on us pronto, as will the resultant jobs massacre... here's what's slated for just next year:

  • Greenhouse gas rules that will 'virtually eliminate coal as a fuel option for future electric power generation' and inflict new permitting costs on more than 37,000 farms.

  • New ozone standards that would cost $90 billion/yr

  • Regulations on hydraulic fracturing that will have 'serious impacts on domestic energy production.'

  • Expansion of federal control 'over virtually every body of water in the United States, no matter how small.'

  • Storm water regulations that could include 'mandates on cities to change existing buildings, storm water sewers, and streets.' 

  • Reductions in the sulfur content in gasoline that could boost prices by 9 cents a gallon.

  • Clean Water Act rules that 'could require expensive new construction at power plants to lower fish deaths.' Other regulations would affect coal ash, farm dust, oil and gasoline spill prevention, and more.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) last week presented a 14-page report on Obama's agenda re. a wide range of environmental-economic issues including new EPA regulation on power plant emissions and hydraulic fracturing. In it, he says that just pending regulations on greenhouse gases alone would cost American employers $300 - $400 BILLION annually, not to mention a significant price increase for gasoline and home heating...