29 October 2012

Voter's Pocket-Guide to Benghazigate

  • Thinking people inside and outside the Obama Administration felt the need to beef-up security at US installations in Libya and elsewhere in the run-up to the 11th anniversary of 9/11... yet Obama did not.
  • The US consulate at Benghazi, Libya was attacked on 9.11.2012 in an intricately-choreographed raid by Al Qaeda associates armed with mortars, RPGs, and heavy machine guns.
  • Our diplomatic people in Libya, the CIA, and the military felt bound by duty to rush to the rescue and save the Americans under attack, in fact at least one AC-130 was right there -and one of the former seals inside had even 'painted' the source of ground fire with a targeting laser- with orders from the WH prevented them from acting. Only the president it seems felt no such duty -even while sworn to do so- and was stubbornly opposed to any sort of US action, and for reasons that will never make much sense to the rest of us.

  • Barack Obama sat there in the White House watching the whole thing unfold on live video shot from a US drone overhead... yet did nothing to halt an attack on America that ended in utter destruction and the rape/murder of US citizens. Unlike his disingenuous version of events, Obama knew what was happening in real-time, and could see perfectly well that there was NO street demonstration in front of the consulate- yet he told us something else.
  • After refusing to provide adequate security at such American diplomatic sites THEN not even allowing military action to halt the Islamic terrorist attack he all but invited, President Obama repeatedly LIED HIS LILLY-LIVERED ASS OFF to the entire country, and FOR WEEKS, purporting that there was a 'spontaneous street demonstration' (that never happened) one at least partially justified by some goofy YouTube video.
  • He's also tried to tell us there was nothing we could do, that it's Hillary's fault, or maybe the CIA's... that he ordered our forces to do what it takes to secure our citizens under siege in Benghazi, that he was 'unaware' of requests of additional security in the preceding weeks... ALL LIES. Alas- unlike Watergate, the old-guard press has actively engaged in the cover-up.
  • Now in a flailing attempt to deflect blame for his own stubborn stupidity, Obama has gone so far as to replace several top generals- what an oily reptile he really, truly is. Typically, Dear Leader still refuses to answer any questions re. Benghazi, and of course wants us to 'wait' for the 'results of the investigation', which somehow I have a hunch won't be completed until well after the election. But it's not an investigation we need, when the president can answer almost every relevant open question himself.
  • Brett Baier says there's plenty of new tips coming into Fox, but I think I've seen and heard enough already: to be brief, nobody in this country should count on Barack Obama to protect them from ANYthing, nor should they expect one iota of truth out of this despicable regime... and if you're still thinking of giving this guy another four years after watching such a shameful spectacle unfold, what the hell is wrong with you, man?

Guide to Benghazigate