31 October 2012

The Great Migration, Part Deux:
Following the Example of Patriot Allen West, Black Americans Begin 'Leaving the
Democratic Plantation' in Droves

History is going to say the black middle class 
was decimated by failed Obama policies... 
now starts a rush for the exit:

Seems even the Obama regime's relentless and deeply-damaging efforts to divide this country by race/sex/income for political gain aren't enough to fool all-of-the-people all of the time, as the REAL black unemployment rate runs 15-25% -depending who you ask- and even approaches 50% for youth (!)...

Yet despite the Democratic 'plantation' model consisting of
'shut up and swipe your EBT', apparently not everybody's happy rotting-away in a ghetto, waiting for the gub'ment cheese

After his meteoric ascent to the top of the American political arena in the country’s history, we are now in the midst of witnessing one of the most stunning collapses of any man ever to hold the office of President of the United States. 

Over the past few weeks we have begun to see the ultimate unraveling of support for the president, with women and youth fleeing from his side. But what is even more surprising and perhaps unimaginable to the president and his faithful media cult is that he is now also losing members of his normally deemed 'untouchable' base of support—poor, inner-city black Americans.

...the 'poor-black community' has been controlled and devastated by black Democrats implementing a 'white-liberal agenda' ...specifically ... the President’s policy of putting issues such as same-sex marriage and amnesty for illegal aliens in front of the struggling black community and curbing violence.

Dear Leader has blown a serious amount of the next two generation's money on would-be economic stimuli, myriad bailouts, plus other dubious sprees- and crony-capitalist political backers like GE (under White House Advisor Jeffrey Immelt) are doing just great. Sadly, impressionable sorts supporting a 'historic' president' who had pinned their hopes for the future on hopenchange now find themselves facing-down a brutal jobs market while hanging by a thread economically.

Obama has indeed succeeded in transforming a large section of the US middle class into entitlement-addicted serfs with no home equity and little optimism... just the way he likes 'em. But it's American blacks who have really been taking the brunt of it, and it appears that for the first time in his cosseted, auto-pilot political career, Barack Obama might be held responsible for actual results- and they are crap.

Tell me again black 'leaders' like Jesse Jackson and Big Al, why do African-Americans need to vote for Obama? To sacrifice they and their family's current and future well-being in the name of creating an ugly racial divide for the Dems to exploit ad infinitum?

Hopefully many of the 95+% of black folks who voted for Obama in '08 will finally come to realize that if you blindly back a politician based on his skin color without any real due-diligence or balanced consideration of alternatives, all you do is set yourself up to be used: they tell you what you want to hear and you're putty in their hands. And don't expect any gratitude from these populist con-artists, either- that ain't how the Chicago Machine works: