31 October 2012

'Anyone Expecting Obama to Win Ohio
on the Strength of Ground Game
Is In For a Rude Shock November 6th...'

Über-blogger Stacy McCain is on the ground in the Buckeye State right now, and the enthusiasm he's soaking-up in that vital swing state is downright contagious...

For the past two days, Ali Akbar and I have been talking to Americans for Prosperity about their grassroots organizing effort here in Ohio. We visited their Columbus office Monday night, talked today to AFP’s Ohio state policy director, Seth Morgan, and drove down here to Cincinnati where they hosted a jam-packed meeting — standing room only — at the Eastgate Holiday Inn. 

I saw a post by Ace of Spades talking about the Ohio polls, which inspired me to send a few Tweets about what it looks like on the ground here...

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Romney campaigning in Ohio ground game