19 November 2012

Got Yer 'Plan B' for Gaza Right Here, Bibi

Enough is enough already...

The Israeli Defense Force's Caterpillar D9R military bulldozer -known affectionately as the 'Teddy Bear' in Israel- is best known (in the west) for scraping the West Bank clean of terrorist nests, etc. The armored behemoth weighs over 56 tons, and is considered a front-line tool in the battle against terrorism. 

The CAT D9R rescues damaged AFVs, detonates IEDs, clears paths, neutralizes booby-traps, demolishes terrorist structures and infrastructure (even under fire), and regularly provides cover for IDF soldiers. 

Some major terrorists have even been directly killed by them (such as Muhammed Tawalbe in Jenin and Case Adwan - the plotter of the Passover Massacre in Netanya 2002) after a D9R toppled their house over on their evil head, promptly ending yet another heinous career.

But did you know that the decrepit, terrorist-infested  Gaza strip is only 25 miles long and varies 5-7 mi. wide?  

Considering that the IDF's D9R armored 'dozer is 14.7 ft. wide, that means it would only take 359/mile to place them side-to-side, blade-to-blade along the full 25 mi. length of the troublesome enclave... then scrape the entire hornet's nest right into the sea-

I hearby present Operation Blub-Blub: that's 359 x 25 mi L = 8975 bulldozers: since they start at a quarter-million bucks each, such a large order could likely bring down the cost of an 8000 'dozer order to something like 2 billion dollars... really not that bad compared to the ongoing, bleeding drain of living with Hamas as a neighbor. As for the civilian population, they overwhelmingly voted for the Islamists... so now they can take a swim with them.

At $2B, cost should be no object- no ammo either, just fuel. The second thing to like is it solves the problem, guaranteed. 

Third... with the D9R's top speed of 7.3 mph (and the Strip only 7 mi at the widest from Israel to the coast), this comprehensive improvement project for Gaza should be over and done in just an hour or two.

OK- anybody else got a better plan? I think they've already tried everything else...

UPDATE: I'm not the only one thinking this way...

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